Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sorry that all these are mixed up but they are of the rehearsal for the ceremony and then a few shots of what we did during the day. Cedarvine was having another wedding on Friday night so we had to rehearse in a different spot then were they got married... its on the same grounds but in a different spot if that makes sense... lol.
The baby is Maritza's sisters and he was sooo good the whole day!! He is so precious, I wanted to hold him all day! :)

Australian Visitor...

My friend Amanda went to Australia to student teach her last semester of school and while she was there she found herself a man!! Luckily we were finally able to meet him this past week and I must say he has my approval! :) On Wednesday night Kyle and I met up with them and another couple at Cock of the Walk. We wanted to take him there because of the wide variety of country food!! He seemed to really like everything which is GREAT!! After we left there we gave him a quick tour of Opryland, our trip was cut short because we needed to be at our movie. What he saw of Opryland he did like and I'm sure they will go back for a date later on! We went to go see Transformers for the second time with them just so we could see how Matt like American theaters!
Later that week was two of my friends wedding!!! Justin and Maritza are so great for each other and I am so so happy for them! Friday night was Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at a steak house in Lebanon and Saturday was the wedding! We all stayed the night at Cedarvine Manor on Friday and woke up on Saturday to breakfast. We got our hair and makeup done and stayed really relaxed all day, right up until it was our turn to walk down the aisle... I was so nervous! The wedding was beautiful and I cant wait to see pictures!!! They stayed at Opryland Hotel for two nights and yesterday they headed to Maui Hawaii for ten days.... they are going to have so much fun!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Babysitting Sweet Kids!

Tuesday I kept my regular kiddos and it was so hot outside!! Instead of going to the pool we stayed home and set up some water activities outside. I put the slip and slide out and let them have free reign over the hose pipe! They are all so creative... they pretended to be at a water park and set up mini rides. It was fun watching them use their imagination!! :)
That night Kyle, Mattie, and I babysat for Michael and Adrian. We played outside until our dinner arrived and had so much fun! Madeline was there and she had just as much fun as he did... as a matter of fact before we went outside she disappeared for a while and it wasn't until I heard the train did I know where she was, lol! :) We ate some pizza and made some pretty pictures for Mike and Adrian, we thought it would be a nice anniversary gift. I must say I cant wait till one day Kyle and I have our own family and get to share all these little moments together!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day!

I love my dad and mom!! :)

**Showing Cole how to catch the ball!

Yesterday morning I woke up extra early to make my dad some breakfast, it was supposed to be a surprise but he was already downstairs sleeping on the couch!! He has been sick lately and he didn't want to wake mom up ,so he went downstairs to watch some television. I made biscuits, bacon and eggs it was very yummy and a great way to start a Sunday morning!! I love being able to sit down with the family and eat together... we usually eat dinner together, but we are rarely all at the house the same time in the mornings. We gave dad our gifts which was a card with some money in it from Nick, Kyle, and I... my sister says we always leave her out, lol! My sister gave dad a super sweet card and $1.00 from a lemonade stand that she just had. My mom took dad shopping for some new clothes which are much needed!!
After church we went to my grandparents for lunch, some of my family were out of town but we still had fun! My grandfather got a new garmen since he is always on the rode! After we left there we went to Kyles house to spend time with his dad. We ate a great dinner and then went outside to play cornhole. Kyle and I got his dad a pocket knife and some extra cash... we also gave Michael and picture from the other night at the park and a little frame. Later that night Kyles parents, Kyle and I watched Twilight... their first time and my third... lol! :) We had a great day celebrating the many dads I have in my life!!

Madelines Dance Recital!

My little sister Madeline had her first Dance recital last Wednesday at TPAC!! She is involved at a dance studio here in Hendersonville called Smart Steps and she loves it!! This year she signed up to be in Musical Theater dance and next time she wants to sign up for hip hop and hopefully some type of ballet... she has the perfect body for it and her moves are so graceful and smooth! When Kyle and I got there I gave her the flowers I had gotten for her and dad said that it was the first smile he had seen all night from her... she was so nervous!! There were 15 acts before Madeline's group went and we were all very surprised at how good all these kids were! They all did such a great job and I cant imagine how good of dancers they will be when they get a little older! When it was Madeline's turn to go she was a nervous wreck ,but she shook her nerves and got on that huge stage!!! She did so good... I was a very proud sister!!! After her performance was over i realized that I had been so tensed up... I think I was holding my breath the whole time!! She is growing into such a beautiful young lady and I am so proud of her and everything that she does!! :) I always call her my little angel sent from above... I have no clue what I would do without her!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lake Day!

Last week the children that I keep were out of town which meant my Tuesday and Thursday were open for anything I wanted to do!!! I took advantage of that and had a girls day on Tuesday and part of the day on Thursday. On Monday night we watched the bachlorette which is a every Monday night thing and afterwards we headed to my friends Kelly's house to spend the night! Tuesday morning we woke up with the water and sun on our mind! After breakfast and a very delicious cup of coffee we went outside to soak up those rays!! Later that day we were able to Jet Ski and go tubing! We finished our girls day up by making dinner and eating outside! It has taken me a while to get the pictures from my friend, hence the late blog,...and she still hasn't given them all to me but Ill share what I do have! :) I left my camera battery at work on the charger.... I was so lost without it!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

22 year Anniversary!

This past Sunday was the 22nd year anniversary for my church! If you haven't noticed the anniversary year is almost the same age as I am... that is not coincidence! My dads family moved to Texas back in the day when my parents first got married and they moved there as well, not my moms idea. They were pastoring a fairly large church out there and had gotten their kids in the schools and if I remember the story correctly none of the 4 sons that they have liked it out there. Well my mom didn't like it either so mom and dad packed up and moved back home to TN. Shortly after they moved back they realized that mom was pregnant with me and when they told by grandmother she started secretly packing all of the families stuff so they could come back home. After my grandfather heard the news he was right on board and they left Texas immediately so they could be in Tn. during my moms pregnancy. They started a church in Nashville and they have stayed with the same church family for 22 years... we recently, 3 years ago, moved our church to a better location, but we still have a lot of the same people. Its so funny what grandparents will do for their grandchildren... and especially their first! I absolutely love my grandparents, they have taught me so much! They aren't just my grandparents but my spiritual leaders and while sometimes its hard to have grandparents as that role at the same time I would have it no other way... They want to see our whole family go to Heaven and they will never let any of us fall short. They will one day leave us with a legacy that my family will carry on! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Roller Skating!!

Wedding Showers...

Last weekend was the kick off to my friend Maritza wedding showers, she has been a friend of mine for a while now. I went to high school with her boyfriend Justin and we have known each other since 9th grade. They started dating in the 10th grade and all of us would get together and go on double dates and since then ,Maritza and I have been friends. We ended up getting an apartment together in college and now she is a teacher... going on her 2nd year!

Her first shower was at a clubhouse in Hendersonville and was thrown for all the church people. The setup was very nice and the food was delicious! She got so many great gifts!! After her shower some of the bridesmaids and myself headed to White House to taste some cakes for her
lingerie shower the following weekend! ** We chose the chocolate with the chocolate fudge filling!

This past Friday all the bridesmaids threw Maritza a lingerie shower! We all got together early that day to prepare the decorations and food. The finished product looked very cute, we played a few games and laughed a whole lot! Maritza also got lots of very nice pieces of lingerie! After the shower we had a bachelorette party and went roller skating 80's style!! We had so much fun and I cant wait to go back!