Friday, September 27, 2013

7 months!

I know I say this every month, but I seriously can not believe another month has gone by! You are changing daily and doing new things all the time. Our time together gets sweeter by the day, I feel so blessed that I am able to stay home with you.

Your eating and sleeping schedule are pretty much the same. We have tried putting you in your bed for the night and you make it, at the latest 3:00, and then your ready to eat.
You have tried 3 new foods this month, sweet potato, acorn squash, and apple sauce. None of which you cared for. I froze the applesauce to let you try on occasion and you still eat avocado every now and then. Mostly your food is for play and experimenting right now.

You have started growling all the time, it is hilarious. We have NO clue where you picked this up but think it is so cute. :)

Maple is becoming one of your favorite things. You love to watch her play and you laugh when her and daddy play or if she sneezes.
Watching Maple

You attended your first wedding at Belmont mansion. You looked adorable and slept through the whole ceremony. :)

Nina has a basket filled with books and toys for you and you have started pulling up on the basket. You love to take everything out and then we fill it back up for you to empty all over.

We went to Fall Creek Falls for the first time as a family of three. You did great and stuck it out like such a big girl... we could not ask for a better baby.

Some other things we did this month were playdates with friends, Imom, the Nashville flea market, we celebrated Mommy's birthday, and you stayed with Nina while I went to Bible study.
Playing with one of the twins!

We went flower pickin'

You LOVE to read books!


Mommy's birthday at Butterbean. 

Playdate at your cousin Cade's house!

Grill out at your great grandparents house. 

The girls reading you a book.

6 months

Happy 6 month birthday to you my dear! What a JOY you have been to us! This month you have really started being such a big girl! Here are a few new things you did for the first time...

You love bath time already but now you have made it even more fun and have started to splash the whole time... you think this is so funny!

Mama got you all dressed up to go to a fun Bridal Tea and you wore your first strand of pearls. You looked adorable!        

Our most favorite thing this month was our trip to Florida! You were the best baby, you traveled well and loved being at the beach and pool. :)

While we were in Florida you sat up for the first time on the beach. We were all so socked and excited for you!

You are still nursing and eat every 2 1/2 hours unless you are sleeping. We aren't really big on schedules, it is easier to just let you decide when you are hungry and sleepy. I did let you try avocado for the first time and you were not a big fan. We are still working on it, but you prefer milk.

Your sleeping has not changed much, no sleeping through the night yet. You get up around 3 and then again around 5, go back to sleep and wake around 8.

At your 6 month well check up you weighed a whopping 14 pounds!! The doctor asked if you were the same child. He thought you were very alert and his exact words were a HOOT... lol, you have a lot of personality! :)

Reading with Gigi at Music on the Square in Gallatin.

Your first time in the swing.... you loved it! 

We kept Aleah before she started kindergarten... you loved her! 

You LOVE to drink out of a big girl cup! 

You went to your friend Liam's 1st birthday party and got a monster as a party favor.

Daddy pulling you around the house. 

Lunch with your Aunt Adrian and your cousins!

Anna's birthday... you loved watching her dace!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer Vacation!

Saturday we left the house around 4:30 a.m. with high hopes that Charlotte would sleep for a while. Before leaving we prayed that the trip down would go smoothly. We stopped at Peach Park which is a little more then half way to Florida and Charlotte thankfully slept the whole time. We explored the market, ate breakfast, and took a few pictures before we went on our way. We didn't have to stop until we got hungry for lunch which was about 30 minutes away from our condo. Our prayers were answered and Charlotte did AMAZING! I honestly do not think she has slept that much in her whole life, but I am so glad she did. :) After arriving at the condo we unloaded and put everything away and then rested for a little bit. When we got up from a nap we went to eat Pizza at a local favorite, then headed to Publix to get breakfast and snack stuff for the following day. That night we took our girl to the beach for her first time and she loved it. My parents got in late that evening and could not wait to see Charlotte the next morning. :)

Sunday we took our time waking up and getting our day started. We cooked breakfast and watched the Long Hollow service online... so glad my parents and sister were able to watch for the first time! After everyone was dressed we headed to the beach. Charlotte loved watching the waves from a distance but not close up and she wasn't to sure about putting her feet in. Later that day we took her to the pool and she loved sitting in her float...such a big girl. :) That night we went to a place called Stinky's for dinner and then hit up the bowling alley. Our day ended with Kyle's favorite gellato in Seaside.

Charlotte's first time at the beach!

Taking a nap in the tent... so thankful friends let us borrow it for our trip. 

Checking out the waves.... not a fan. It wasn't until day 2 that she thought it was fun. 
She LOVED the pool!

 Monday was rainy off and on all day, while it was sunny we went across the street to get our bikes and got back just in time for it to rain again. Later we headed to Modica Market for lunch and got stuck there for a long time because of the rain. My dad and brother braved the rain and rode back to our condo on their bikes to get the car to come pick us up. We stayed in most of the day playing games and resting. That evening we drove to Destin to eat at Donut Hole and then came back to watch a movie.
Such a cool lady...

Modica Market

Having fun despite the rain.
 Tuesday was Dads birthday, the girls headed to the farmers market to pick up some breakfast items, came back and cooked a big breakfast. Afterwards we went to the beach to soak up as much sun as we could. Later the evening we went to Bud and Alleys for a nice sunset dinner and then a walk on the beach to end a wonderful day.
I can hear her talking in this picture. So sweet! She sat up all by herself for the first time on the beach! 

Dads birthday dinner!

BEAUTIFUL sunset! 
 Wednesday was another fun beach and pool day! Charlotte actually took a long nap and my dad watched her while Kyle and I had some nice alone time at the pool. Later that afternoon the girls went to some antique malls while the boys stayed back, except Kyle he had a shoot. We all met up later that evening at the outdoor mall for shopping and dinner.

Thursday we went to Modica Market for breakfast, rode our bikes around seaside, painted pottery, ate lunch at the grilled cheese food truck, came back home to relax and get dressed for our family picture night. After pictures we ate at one of our favorites, Red Bar then had ice cream for dessert!

Is she not the cutest thing?!?

Belgium lace bib and her hat will turn into a handkerchief for when she gets married. 
Friday we went down to the beach and pool yet again. That night we went to Rosemary for dinner and a few more pictures. Then at my sisters request we went to Panama to visit Pier Park... not the best idea on a friday night. We did however love walking the pier! :)

Love these two people with all my heart... so blessed! 

Saturday we packed up all of our stuff and went to Broken Egg for breakfast, shopped at a few of our favorite stores before leaving. After driving for a very long time we decided to stay in Alabama over night at Peach Park to let Kyle rest. We had a sweet family night with just the three of us and then headed out the next morning.

Kyle and I agree that this was the BEST vacation, we loved getting to make sweet memories with our baby girl! Experiencing the beach with Charlotte was so much fun.... loved seeing the world through her new eyes. :) Already looking forward to next year and all the fun it has in store! :)