Monday, May 13, 2013

3 Months!

What a whirlwind this month has been! We have been busy with parties, showers, doctors appointments, playdates, workout classes, and church! I honestly think you are going to like staying busy because when we get up and go you love it!

You LOVE bath time! It will calm you down if you are being fussy. We found a new trick.... you love to have a towel over your body and head to keep all the heat in. :) 

You also LOVE to look at yourself in the mirror.... hilarious!

You had fun at Cades birthday party! 

Nights outside are nice, you love being outdoors. 

At your two month checkup you were very smiley.... your doctor couldn't believe he was getting smiles from a two month old. :) You did great with your shots, very little crying and you did not have a reaction to them, I think the Lord new I wouldn't be able to handle it if you did. 

One of my FAVORITE things are your stretches.... nothing like it!

Daddy or Nina come and keep you while I am working out three days a week.  The time always falls right during your nap time. :) 

Playing with your sweet cousins, Cole and Cade. 

Mommy found this at a yardsale and it has been a lifesaver! You love it!

You have learned how to self soothe.... YAY! ( no pacies for you!)

You, my dear are just beautiful! I think lavender may be your color! 

Tummy time has gotten much more enjoyable for you. You are still having a hard time lifting your head and figuring out how to use your arms, but you will get there soon!

You visited with your great grandparents... they adore you! 

I can not get enough of your sweet face! 

You love your daddy so much! He can make you smile any time!

This is another favorite face... As soon as you pull off of mommy this is generally what you look like if I have nursed you to sleep. Precious!

You love your thumb.... I think it is so funny when I see you sucking on it. 

You are beautiful from the inside out and I can not wait to watch you grow . I know the Lord has big plans for you sweet girl. May you always feel the love your daddy and I have for you!

I can honestly say that everyday gets better and better. You seem to be getting out of all your newborn ways and really adapting to your surroundings. Nights are still a fussy time for you, but they are getting much better! You are able to sit and lay on your own much more these days giving me time to get ready or make our meals. You are gaining weight perfectly, but are still considered small compared to other babies your age. Our doula likes to put it this way.... the same way grain fed cows are big and grass fed cows are smaller, formula fed babies fatten up quicker and breastfed babies are generally smaller or gain their weight slower. Makes sense. Mornings/early afternoons are your favorite still, you laugh and smile all the time. You loved to be talked to and will coo back at us. You also will copy us if we stick out or tongue or make noises with our mouths... its so cute! I can tell this next month you are going to do some firsts, you are on the verge of lifting your head and many other things... cant wait! :)