Friday, January 31, 2014

Date Night

Since having our baby girl Kyle and I have not been on many dates simply because I nurse and Charlotte will not take a bottle. She is almost 1 and is able to go longer between feedings and is starting to like solid food, AMEN! I see a lot more date nights in our future! We dropped her off at my parents house and headed to Pinewood Social for a lovely evening. :)

Kyle is in a group at church called Davids Men and this month they are talking about marriage. The night before our date he gave me two lists one was ways to love me and the other was ways he offends me. I looked through the lists and circled the ones that pertained to me and brought them. He had a list of questions for me to answer and we went over everything at dinner. I have to be honest it was actually kinda hard telling him what offends me, I felt so mean! It was a great exercise for us and we are actually on the same page about everything we discussed. When it came time to pay our waiter asked if our meals were all on one check... I told Kyle it must of looked like he was interviewing me. ;)

My meal was delicious! Pot Roast, carrots, onions, and turnips. 

We HAD to get dessert and Crema coffee!

On our way to the car. :) 

When we got back we heard all about Charlottes night, she did so well and only cried once because she bumped her head. Between Mom, Dad, Madeline, Nick, and Lindsey she was very entertained and exhausted... she fell asleep on the way home. I am so happy that everything went so well and Kyle and I were able to have some time to ourselves. :) THANK YOU family for loving our girl so well!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quality Time

Both of my grandmothers have birthdays on the same week so we have been spending some time with these sweet ladies... after all that is what they wanted as their gift! :)

My granny got some sweet lovin' from Charlotte!
 After spending some time at Granny's house we took her shopping at Target and Costco. Charlotte slept the whole time we were at Target so Granny and I were able to walk down each aisle and get a good look at EVERYTHING! It's been a long time since I've spent that much time in one store.... so fun! We love our Granny and are blessed to have her another year. These two women mean so much to me and I love that Charlotte is getting to  know each one. They are crazy about my girl and I can't help but eat it up. It's wild to think this is what they used to do with me... so blessed to still have both of them in my life. :)
Love that look she is giving. If Granny's phone wouldn't have rang then I do believe she would have been the first person to ever rock Charlotte to sleep besides me. 

Charlotte got crafty this week and hand made each grandmother a card. She actually really enjoyed me putting paint on her hands. :) 
Every time we spend time with Mawmaw she asks when she can babysit Charlotte and I love that she wants to get to have that special time with her. One day, hopefully soon, she will be ready to stay with family other then mama and daddy. :)
We brought Mawmaw a hot chocolate. 

We had a fun day spending some good quality time, talking, and catching up. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dreaming of Spring!

January finally gave us a beautiful sun shinny day and we took full advantage, along with everyone else, and headed to the park. This was Charlotte's first real experience at the park since this past summer she was to small to enjoy it. She wasn't to sure of the swings or anything else we put her on but I'm sure with some practice she will end up loving it! 

She has a firm grip on that swing!

Nina joined in on the fun! 

My sweet girl!

11 months

With each passing month comes new milestones, love watching you grow and become a the little lady. Here are some new things you have accomplished this month....

On your actual 11 month birthday. We went bowling at Pinewood Social. 

You started standing up on your own! 

You started to wave when you are greeting someone or leaving. Not just any wave though... you raise your hand and then slam it down. Your daddy loves this! On occasion you move your fingers too making it more of a real wave.  

You love to click your tongue and we think it is so funny! 

Probably my favorite thing you started doing is saying mama.... oh what a sweet sound! 

Your Aunt Adrian gave us a walker/riding toy and you LOVE it! You walk around everywhere with that thing. We take it with us pretty much everywhere now days. :)

You started taking baths in the big girl tub. Bath time is still a favorite of yours... I love hearing you and daddy playing and laughing, so sweet!

You like to take baths in Nina's sink too!

You celebrated your first Christmas and New Years. 

We think you said no no no.... lol, you have only done it a few times and it was after we told you no. Oh boy!

Movie night at Nina and Poppy's. 

You love pulling out all your books.

You met your new friend Kate Willow!

Helping mommy with the dishes is a new favorite!

You also like to watch me cook. I sometimes feel like I have my very own cooking show. ;) 

What a cutie?! On a Sunday after church. 

Checking that baby doll out.

Winter fun... playing in bubbles. 

Daddy built you a fort... so fun!

You LOVED watching everyone bowl... when the ball hit the ground you would laugh so hard. 
Cant believe I am now in the stages of planning for your first birthday! This first year has flown by, I am soaking in every last minute of you while you are still considered a infant, Im well aware that things are about to change once you turn one! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Home Improvements

New year means it's time to refresh and get to going on that long to do list of mine. Most of the frames and doors I've had in the garage forever with the hopes of hanging one day. On new years day we bit the bullet and spent the day working on projects. Not everything is finished, but it is up and getting there. 

The photo wall above the couch. 

Would love to put a few things under the frame to fill in the blank space.

There are many more home projects that we would love to tackle this year. Isn't it so fun working in your home? It is one of my favorite things to do. Our upstairs is getting a makeover as well.... cant wait to finish Charlottes play/school room. :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years Eve

New Years Eve was spent at home putting up all our Christmas decorations. Kyle and I have never put our decorations up so early... we are the ones that usually milk it well into January. I have to be honest and say Charlotte was a huge factor in our decision to pack it away. She loved playing with our tree and while I didn't mind, sweeping up endless amounts of pine needles was getting old, plus it was looking pretty rough. We are also working on our playroom and I was anxious to get it all decorated so we will have a room where Charlotte can have free reign.

That night we headed out to meet up with some family and friends for dinner. We ate at Caney Fork which was a great choice considering we all had our kids in tow. :) After dinner we headed to Michael and Adrians for fondue and games. It worked out great for us because we were able to let Charlotte play and lay her down so that we could have some adult time. :)

Cole and Cade ready to party!

Charlotte all comfy in her jammies. 


Christmas Time

Christmas was so fun this year, seeing the joy and wonder through Charlottes eyes was very special. On Christmas Eve, I made gluten free french toast and sausage for breakfast. I had planned on eating around the table with the fireplace in the background and chatting about our day, but little bit had different plans for us. Instead of fighting with keeping her in the highchair we packed up our breakfast and headed upstairs to her room. We may not of had the nice ambiance of the fire, but we had a nice breakfast in the floor of Charlottes room while she played. 

That evening we went to Crosspoint for service then to my Grannys for dinner and presents. Charlotte had a blast opening gifts and being around all the family. After we packed the car we headed to Connie's for more family time, desserts, and presents. :) We were so tired by the time we got to my parents but quickly remembered the night was not over.... we still had to put out Santa! 

Surprise money in the umbrella!

Ready for Charlotte! We couldn't wait!
On Christmas morning we read the Christmas story before heading down to rip open the gifts. Kyle got the video ready and then we all came down to see what Santa had brought for Charlotte. ;) She was so excited to see her little kitchen. We had such a sweet morning, I loved having my baby here this year.

Madeline got a CAR!

 Quick showers and a few hours later we headed to my grandparents for breakfast.... yep, breakfast! Everyone enjoyed watching Charlotte open her presents, they literally sat there and oohed and ahhed as she opened each gift. Can you tell there hasn't been a baby in the family for a while? Such a fun morning with family!

 That evening we went to Mark and Connies for dinner. Kyle and I were cracking up after each child had their own mini break down. Christmas can be overwhelming sometimes... and who wants to eat when there are presents to open?

Every year we have a scavenger hunt for the couples. This year at the end we found out we were ALL going on a Disney trip! Lets just say we were super excited! Another blessed Christmas for us, we enjoyed every minute with everyone.

The Lord is so good to us even though we do not deserve it. Grace has been a big word for me this year and I am still learning just how much God loves me. Although I will never fully understand I am so grateful for His unfailing presence in my life.