Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mothers Day Weekend

We started out the weekend taking a raw food class at Hendersonville Produce. We sampled tasty food and learned about quick and easy recipes. Years ago I dabbled in raw food and it was so hard to keep up.... lots of planning and self control. We still incorporate raw foods in our diet but its not something we could keep up day to day.


After class we returned home to get our crafting on.... as you can see she had a blast! ;) I was just trying to get some cute Mothers Day cards.

That evening I had my grandparents and my parents over for dinner, we had a lovely time catching up, eating, and taking a walk to the playground.

 After every one left we headed to Kyles grandparents to deliver a card and spend time with Mama Jo. It was nice to explore their beautiful garden and the neighbors.

The next morning we headed to church and enjoyed worship and service. This was the first time I was able to sit through the whole service without my girl. The whole time I was excited thinking she was playing with her friends or riding the buggy around looking at the fish and the characters on the wall. When we picked her up she was tugging the leg of her teacher begging to be picked up while she was changing another babies diaper. Lets just say it was a great mothers day present.... I can not wait until the day she enjoys class and when I come to get her she is not crying.

After church we went to my Grannys to have lunch and spend time together. Its always so nice to go, relax, and sit outside. 

 Charlotte had a fun time playing in the back yard and taking a walk around the neighborhood while I stopped to take pictures of houses and yards that inspired me.

Next stop was Papa and Gigis.... Adrian and I cooked dinner for everyone, afterwards Gigi opened her gifts. 

After gifts we were out the door to go see "Moms Night Out"!

 Charlotte stayed with all the guys and had a blast!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Easter in pictures

Saturday we went to Gigi and Papa's for lunch and an egg hunt. We all had a blast spending the day together, life gets busy sometimes. 

Easter day started out quite interesting, after being up all night throwing up Kyle woke up extremely sick to the point of not being able to stand up. I have never seen him this sick and it worried me, but the day had to go on. I played daddy and took pictures of Charlotte getting her Easter present and basket. 

 After attending church at my grandparents we went to my Uncles for a delicious lunch and egg hunt!

We ended the day with some outdoor fun at Nina and Poppy's. Charlotte loves to fill her bucket with rocks.... good thing they have more then enough!