Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two Months

It is amazing to see how much you change from week to week! These last few weeks leading up to your 2 month mark have been full of new milestones! Here are a few pictures of weeks 5-8....

Adore this look you are giving Daddy... Im sure we will see this a lot more later on. ;) On your two month birthday we went to Imom and then ventured to the park with friends. You had such a fun time laying on a blanket with Ava. :) 

Our first trip to the park! You loved being out in the open, we cant wait to take you on regular trips to the park when it gets warmer.

Morning hang out time with mommy. Being naked is no fun right now, but mommy likes to see that cute little body. 

You are really starting to stare at your mobile. Listening to us when we talk to you and following our voices all around the room is a favorite. We love to hear you coo back at us and smile when we are talking to you... so sweet! 

Tummy time... you are so long!

St. Patricks Day!

Aunt Mattie loves you!

Those cheeks!

Your second play date was so fun!

Bath time is becoming more enjoyable these days as long as we let you sink all the way down... you love to lounge in the tub! 

You are congested for the first time... trying to breath with your mouth open.  

Your 1st Easter was so much fun! We took you to your grandparents church and you got a lot of attention! Then we headed to your Uncle Tony's house for lunch and a Easter egg hunt. You were so good and loved laying in the floor to see all the colorful eggs.

You are beginning to really like play time which makes mommy really happy.  You enjoy looking at the toys and listening to them rattle.... you even reach for them occasionally.

Taking a nap in your crib for the 1st time. I kept my eye on the video monitor the whole time! You seem to be sleepy more in the mornings and awake more in the afternoons.
We LOVE getting out and taking walks. The weather is warming up so we will be outside a lot more soon!

After our walk you took a long nap!

You are gracing us with your smile ALL the time now and we LOVE it! You have even laughed a few times... we are loving it! 
On a Sunday afternoon... you LOVED being outside. We took a walk later that day and you slept the whole time. 

We love your sweet feet! Oh the places these little feet will take you one day...

A few more things about you this month is that we are still working on your schedule, every day is different. You like to eat every 2 hours unless you are napping then you may go 3 hours without eating but that is very rare. You really like to chew on your fist if you do not have your passy which is fine with me. :) You are growing up so fast and I love all the new things you do each day. I can tell these next few months are going to be fun... you have such a cute personality. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The first 30 days...

Whew, what a month! I can not believe how fast these weeks are going by. You have brought so much joy to our family, even if we are lacking sleep and a little more delirious these days. ;)

Here are a few things about you:

  • After coming home we went to your first doctors visit and you had lost weight since your birth. Your doctor was so gracious to us first time parents and re-assured us that this was normal. We came up with a plan and stuck to it... a week later we went back and you had gained weight and then a week after that we went back for another weight check and you were still gaining weight putting you at 6.6lbs. You are still not at your birth weight but I am sure you will soon!
  • You still like to sleep on Mommy during the night and get up every 2-3 hours to eat. When you first came home I would set an alarm every 2-2.5 hours to feed you but our doctor suggested I let you wake me up since you are gaining weight. 
  • When you are fussy it is usually because you are hungry, sleepy, wet, or have a tummy ache. It has been challenging trying to get to know all your different cries, but we are catching on quickly! :) You love for someone to walk you around while being bounced and shushed. You also really like to be swaddled, but seem to always find your hands... you love to keep them up by your face. 
  • You eat every 2 hours during the day. You are also awake most of the day, taking short cat naps in your rock n play when we are home. You love to ride in the car, most of the time it will lull you to sleep and you will stay asleep while in the store as long as we keep the stroller moving. :) 
  • We have enjoyed celebrating your first Valentines Day, Daddy brought us flowers and chocolates. Taking trips to the Glenbrook area are a favorite outing, your first trip there was your second week. :) You also like going to both sets of your grandparents where you get lots of LOVE. Your first bath in the bathtub was not your favorite, you pooped, peed, and screamed... it wasn't until we put your clothes back on that you calmed down. You got your picture made by a photographer other then your daddy on week 3 and they turned out so cute! By week 4 we took you to church and you slept right through service. That same day we went out to eat for our first time and you slept through lunch but woke up at the end and had a blow out diaper and was hungry. 
  •  You love to be in the bathroom with me while I shower... I think it is because it is so warm and steamy. :) If you could choose you would LOVE to be held and cuddled the whole day. Mommy has read you some books and you like looking at the colorful pages. While you eat I read you the Bible... pray you are soaking it all in sweet girl. :) 
You are living up to your name sake .... Charlotte meaning strong woman and Jane meaning God is gracious. You are strong physically, lifting that head and kicking your feet all the time. You are also very strong in the way of letting us know what you like and dislike, to be so little you have a BIG personality. :) Every time you smile, fall asleep on me, or you do something new I remember God is so gracious in giving us such a special gift. You are precious and we are so in love with you Charlotte Jane. 

Showing us your sweet smile!

Your 1st Valentines Day!

Your first bath, you were exhausted afterwards!

Mommy reading you a book your first week home.

love those sweet cheeks!

You love to be swaddled.
Your first outing to Target... 

You have the biggest yawn ever! 

Sleepy, but I don't want to give it up!

Your favorite spot... Mommy's chest.

Family pictures! 
Aren't I a cutie?! 

Daddy LOVES you to pieces!