Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Eve!!

** All the girls!!

** The whole gang... right at Midnight.. about to toast to the New Year!! :)

Every year we try to plan something fun to do without having to be outside in the cold, although I would LOVE to go to New York one year! This year my friend Amanda asked what I thought about having a get together at her house and all the girls dress up and wear wigs... I thought it was a great idea and it would be something different to do that would be fun. Earlier in the week I told Kyle that we could go out to eat or I could make dinner and he choose for me to cook... I made Pesto stuffed pork chops, brown sugar glazed carrots, twice baked potatoes, homemade macaroni, and a brownie/ whipped cream layered dessert. After we ate I got dressed and we went to Amanda's... the evening was tons of fun! I was a little disappointed that I was under the weather, but we still had fun. The evening came to an end around 2:30 and I was so happy when I saw my bed!!!
The next day Kyle came over early that morning and I do not think we got up until dinner that night. We usually go to my Aunts house and she cooks us a New Year lunch, but she was extremely sick so my mom made our traditional meal. I usually never make New Year Resolutions, but this year I actually wrote down on sticky notes what I would like to accomplish before June and put them on my mirror so I can see them every day. The one resolution I'm sure most women have is to loose weight/get in shape... its a little more important for me not to break it since I will be walking down the aisle soon! :) So far my list has helped and I have stuck to my word!!! Also a Big Prayer Request has been answered.... I'm going FULL TIME at Primrose this month and I couldn't be happier!!! Kyle and I have some things we would like to do and this job has made it even more possible.

Ice Skating....

The Day after Christmas we decided that if we could not go on a weekend trip then it would be fun to a have a family day out. We woke up and got breakfast at our favorite... Cracker Barrel and then headed to the Sportsplex! I hadn't been Ice Skating since we went to Chicago in 2006 so I was real nervous! We had so much fun... Kyle on the other hand had a hard fall, but he recovered really well! :) After we left the skating rink we came home to relax and eat dinner then headed out again to play games with Kyle's family. The day was fun and a much needed family day!