Thursday, June 9, 2011

Catching up...

Posting has taken a backseat, simply because during any free time I get I like to be reading or doing something outdoors! Summer is quickly approaching and I couldn't be more excited! It has been flaming outside, but I will not let that stop me from being out. Here are some things Kyle and I have been up to!

A trip to the dairy dip in west nashville... a day of reminiscing. We buried my Da on this day, and I wanted to spend it doing things we did growing up, this was were Nick and I used to go when we were little! :)

Date night with the hubby!

Hannah's (my cousins) 15th birthday party! Hannah invited all her aunts and girl cousins to enjoy a girl night out to Casa!

Memorial Day Weekend!!! I was able to get in two pool days! We celebrated on Sunday by going to the Veterans Memorial Cemetery where my Da was buried. It was a beautiful service. After we left there we had a yummy dinner at my Uncle Tony's house... I also got to drive a 4 wheeler for the first time!! On Monday evening Kyle and I joined his family for a tasty meal and Kyle shot off some fireworks! Memorial Day weekend was so much fun!!

Last Friday night I spent the night with my best friends Amanda, Carolyn, and Kelly! On Saturday we enjoyed a walk around Centennial Park, Starbucks, a day by the pool, and dinner at Taco Mammacita! Although I don't get to spend as much time with these girls as I used to, things never change... we pick up just where we left off! :)

We have also enjoyed time at The Streets of Indian Lake for the concert series, walks around our neighborhood, and working in the yard!!! :)

Home Going....

Three weeks ago my sweet grandad went to be with his heavenly father. We all knew his time was close, so we spent as much time with him in the weeks prior as we could. I am so thankful for all the time that we were given, the Lord could have taken him so many times, but kept him here. My Da's only motivation for fighting to live was for his grandchildren and wife, that's what he told me during one of our many conversations. The day that he went to be with the Lord was extremely emotional, we had a lot of visitors coming in and out of my grandparents home. We had a time of worship, we prayed, my brother played guitar, and my cousin sang him a beautiful song. The most surreal moment was during our time of worship, my brother leaned over to me and said, "isn't it crazy to think there are angels in this room." I had been thinking the same exact thing a few minutes before he had said anything.

I miss my Da so much...I miss his playfulness, his big hugs and kisses, his gifts.. :) I could go on and on. He means so much to our family and we will miss him so much, but I know he is in better hands. Please be praying for my precious Granny, for strength and much understanding.

I love you Da! :)