Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Preparing a HOME!

Over the past week Kyle and I have been working on our new apartment and loving every minute of it! On Saturday afternoon I got the urge to break the apartment in and make dinner for Kyle and I which later became a family dinner. My parents came over about 6:30 and ate with us as well. I made tortellini pasta stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and basil and I also had some stuffed with cheese, then salad, and sourdough bread! After dinner we started prepping for the paint. We were able to finish the dining room and most of the kitchen that night.
I am so excited to be making this space into a home for Kyle and I. Sunday we started painting the living room and we also started pulling out decorations and I am so pleased with the way it is coming together. I will post more pictures as the process continues...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lets get to movin'!

Doesn't this weather just make you want to stay outside all day?? It does for me! While doing research on fitness and nutrition last week I found a fun website I would like to share...
www.eatbetteramerica.com. You will have to sign in to look at the recipes and read the articles but its super easy and worth it! This morning I received a text from the director of Primrose asking me to come in early and do bus runs, so my morning schedule has been thrown off to say the least. Instead of not doing any cardio at all I decided to wear exercise friendly pants, tennis shoes, and my sports bra to work and bring a shirt to change in quickly. On my 30 minute break I am going to run along the sidewalks and I may even venture out to Gallatin road. I am determined to get in tip top shape, not only for the wedding but for my health.:) Take the time to do some exercising today... every little bit counts! :)

**You can click on the link and it will send you right to it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

National Nutrition Month!

You probably eat out a lot—most Americans do. People are looking for fast, easy and good-tasting foods to fit a busy lifestyle. Whether it’s carry-out, food court, office cafeteria or sit-down restaurant, there are smart choices everywhere.

Here are 30 tips to help you eat healthy when eating out.

1. Think ahead and plan where you will eat. Consider what meal options
are available. Look for restaurants or carry-out with a wide range of menu

2. Take time to look over the menu and make careful selections. Some
restaurant menus may have a special section for “healthier” choices.

3. Read restaurant menus carefully for clues to fat and calorie content.
Menu terms that can mean less fat and calories: baked, braised, broiled,
grilled, poached, roasted, steamed.

4. Menu terms that can mean more fat and calories: batter-fried, pan-fried,
buttered, creamed, crispy, breaded. Choose these foods only occasionally
and in small portions.

5. Order the regular or child-size portion. Mega-sized servings are probably
more than you need. For a lighter meal, order an appetizer in place of a
main course.

6. It’s OK to make special requests, just keep them simple. For example, ask
for a baked potato or side salad in place of French fries; no mayonnaise or
bacon on your sandwich; sauces served on the side.

7. Hunger can drive you to eat too much bread before your meal arrives.
Hold the bread or chips until your meal is served. Out of sight, out of

8. Think about your food choices for the entire day. If you’re planning a special restaurant meal in the evening,
have a light breakfast and lunch.

9. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. No more than one drink for women and two for men. Alcohol
tends to increase your appetite and provides calories without any nutrients.

10. Tempted by sweet, creamy desserts? Order one dessert with enough forks for everyone at the table to
have a bite.

11. Split your order. Share an extra large sandwich or main course with a friend or take half home for
another meal.

12. Boost the nutrition in all types of sandwiches by adding tomato, lettuce, peppers or other vegetables.

13. A baked potato offers more fiber, fewer calories
and less fat than fries if you skip the sour cream
and butter. Top your potato with broccoli and a
sprinkle of cheese or salsa.

14. At the sandwich shop, choose lean beef, ham,
turkey or chicken on whole grain bread. Ask for
mustard, ketchup, salsa or lowfat spreads. And,
don’t forget the veggies.

15. In place of fries or chips, choose a sidesalad, fruit
or baked potato. Or, share a regular order of fries
with a friend.

16. Enjoy ethnic foods such as Chinese stirfry,
vegetable-stuffed pita or Mexican fajitas. Go easy
on the sour cream, cheese and guacamole.

17. At the salad bar, pile on the dark leafy greens,
carrots, peppers and other fresh vegetables.
Lighten up on mayonnaise-based salads and highfat
toppings. Enjoy fresh fruit as your dessert.

18. Eat your lower-calorie food first. Soup or salad
is a good choice. Follow up with a light main

19. Ask for sauces, dressings and toppings to be
served “on the side.” Then you control how much
you eat.

20. Pass up all-you-can-eat specials, buffets and
unlimited salad bars if you tend to eat too much.

21. If you do choose the buffet, fill up on salads and
vegetables first. Take no more than two trips and
use the small plate that holds less food.

22. Load up your pizza with vegetable toppings.
If you add meat, make it lean ham, Canadian
bacon, chicken or shrimp.

23. Look for a sandwich wrap in a soft tortilla. Fillings
such as rice mixed with seafood, chicken, or grilled
vegetables are usually lower in fat and calories.

24. Build a better breakfast sandwich: replace bacon
or sausage with Canadian bacon or ham and
order your sandwich on a whole grain English
muffin or bagel.

25. Be size-wise about muffins, bagels, croissants and
biscuits. A jumbo muffin has more than twice
the fat and calories of the regular size.

26. Try a smoothie made with juice, fruit and yogurt
for a light lunch or snack.

27. Refrigerate carry-out or leftovers if the food won’t
be eaten right away. Toss foods kept at room
temperature for more than two hours.

28. Grabbing dinner at the supermarket deli? Select
rotisserie chicken, salad-in-a-bag and freshly
baked bread. Or, try sliced lean roast beef, onion
rolls, potato salad and fresh fruit.

29. Always eating on the go? Tuck portable,
nonperishable foods in your purse, tote, briefcase
or backpack for an on-the-run meal. Some
suggestions are peanut butter and crackers,
granola bars, a piece of fresh fruit, trail mix,
single serve packages of whole grain cereal or

30. For desk-top dining, keep single-serve packages
of crackers, fruit, peanut butter, soup, or tuna in
your desk for a quick lunch.

I was doing research on the internet and found this... thought I would share!! Hope these tips help!!! :)