Monday, April 13, 2009

Memorial Garden

This past Saturday I went out to the VFW in Hendersonville which is for Veterans of Foreign Wars. In my Sociology class we had a choice to do a service learning project for extra credit and of course I jumped all over that! At the beginning of the semester we voted on ideas to do and this one won... so all semester we have been working on getting everything ready for the big day! I had called Young's Nursery here in town and they ended up donating half the flowers and trees that we needed, we also got a solider holding a flag and some really cool rocks and then some blue crystal rocks donated, we got a bench made for us, and we will have a memorial plaque made as well to put out front. 

I only was able to stay for an hour on Saturday to help plant the flowers because Kyles family was having a gathering for Easter. While I was there we had a lot of fun... it was a little harder then I thought it would be though. Trying to dig in the ground and finding out that there is gravel under there makes things more difficult. I cant wait to go back and take pictures of the finished product!! I'm sure it will look really nice! :) 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Google Earth

** This is The Forbidden City in Beijing China, It was home to 24 Emperors during the Ming and Quing dynasties. Today it is a public museum.

**This is Nijo Castle in the center of Kyoto, Japan. This was built in 1603 for the first Shogun, but unlike the others this was built to impress visitors. They have nightingale floors that squeak at the lightest pressure, this was used so they could be warned if someone was about to attack them.

**This one is Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Southeast Asia. Built during the early years of the 12th century and its symbolic of Hindu cosmology.

** Because of the tropical forest environment nature took over and it was forgotten for a few centuries and people that would travel through it would start legends of what this place could be, it wasnt until the French found it that the public knew what it really was... ever since they have been restoring it. (Angkor Wat)

For my geography class my teacher gave us an assignment to get on Google and download the free version of Google Earth. So a couple of nights ago I did my assignment and downloaded it on my computer...he had 3 coordinates to type in and we had to do research on all of them and write a compare and contrast paper. Although I was not thrilled about the assignment I did end up learning something and I "traveled" all around the world by using this program. If you have time you should download it and type in somewhere you have always wanted to go and it will take you right to it!!

Just thought I would share! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm all caught up with my blogging!! :) This past week went by pretty fast... Kyle and I went to my Aunts salon to take pictures for their website. All the girls looked amazing, which I guess is expected since they work in a salon, lol!! What I thought was interesting was that they were all so pretty, but not one of them thought it after they saw their picture... sad huh?!
On Thursday night Michael and Adrian had us over to eat and play some games. She made an very delicious super and I made a cake for dessert! We had fun hanging out over there... Cole is always so much fun to watch, you never know what he will do next! :)
Friday night we all went to Chiefs Market to eat dinner and afterwards we went to watch Cole ride the train... he was so cute!! He wanted to see the Easter Bunny as well ,but after the train ride he decided to take a break.. :( Looks like Uncle Kyle will have to dress up like a bunny on Saturday for our Easter Get together! ;)
Saturday I stayed home all day SICK... I am so over being sick!! Im ready to feel good again and able to enjoy myself. Sunday I even missed church which was crazy ,bc I havent missed in forever!! I made it for Sunday night though... my sister had her Easter Program and she did sooo Good in it! :)

** Check out the other blogs below as well... I had a lot of catching up to do!

Baby Showers...

The table above wasn't completely finished yet...
**Many Many people are either getting married or having babies!! My past 3-4 weekends ,excluding this last one, have been filled with 2 baby showers and one wedding... whoo it has been BUUUSY!! I love picking out cute little gifts for boys and girls and seeing the reactions of the mothers when they open up each gift.

** Pictures are from the latest baby shower that I went to. We had it at a Mexican restaurant in West Nashville... we got a whole room in the back, it was so nice! :)

Newport Wedding!

Kyle and I were fortunate enough to be able to shoot a wedding in Newport, right outside of Gatlinburg! We left on Friday morning and got there that afternoon.... the trip on the way there and back went by SO FAST; Kyle and I had such a great time talking away about who knows what.. lol! We arrived before the bride and groom so we got a feel of the land and got some pretty cool ideas of what we were going to do the next day.

** Pictures of the beautiful staircase, back of the house, and of our scenery!!

This place was AMAZING!! We had a wonderful time getting to know both of thier families... they were very easy to work for and the photographs that Kyle took have turned out fabulous!! Im sure he will update his blog soon! :)
I enjoy being able to go with Kyle and help him whenever I can!

Spring Break

A couple of weeks ago I was on SPRING BREAK!! I had so much fun just working, hanging out with friends, family, and basically anything I wanted to without worrying about school!! I love when I get a good break like that... if I had it my way I would be out of school and doing something I love instead of doing something that is expected of me.
My friend Kelly was on Spring Break as well... we went and had lunch at a neat little cafe in Gallatin called The Chocolate Covered Strawberry, it was so yummy!! :) While we were there it decided to snow... I wish we could have gotten some pictures of it, but it stopped right before we left! We also had a few girls night that week... we even got to hop in her steam shower! It was AMAZING, later that night we watched a couple of chick flicks then headed to bed!
** Right before we got in the steam shower! :) Look at that cool rock wall!!

I had an amazing break and im already due for one again!! Its getting close to Summer though!!