Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I can not believe it's been over a year since I posted last! A LOT has happened but it would take way to long to start where I left off.

I miss being able to look back and see my babies milestones and all the fun things we get into so while the kids are napping I am going to attempt to write some things down. :)

Sawyer is 15 months and he is all DUDE! Poor thing hits his head on a daily basis multiple times and it for real makes us so sad... we pray over him all the time. He is just so active... it is out of our control and it is impossible to keep that booger in a bubble.

More things about our Sawyer....
* He nurses all throughout the day and likes to nurse to sleep unless he falls asleep in the car.
* He is trying to talk... his new words are "what's that?", "hot", "belly", "uppy", "water"
* He loves to point and ask "what's that?"
* He is starting to run everywhere he goes, which may be why he has so many falls.
* He is getting two teeth in right now which is probably why he has been up much more at night.
* He eats almost anything we put in his mouth.... he doesn't like food that is too cold or hot.
* He HATES tv and will not even look up to watch it.
* He loves books, but they have to be short because he does not sit still long.
*He loves to dance, listen to music and make music. We think he may be a drummer.
* He LOVES anything with wheels, colorful, makes noise, bounces, that he can ride, or he can steer.
* Bath time is fun & he likes taking showers too. Pretty much anything with water is good!
* He is full of JOY and loves to make us laugh... if he figures out something that we think is funny he will keep it going.
* He is still taking two naps a day!
* Bed time is really all over the place. He is up multiple times a night right now... pray for us.

Charlotte Jane just turned 3 in February and is growing by leaps and bounds right now. She is somewhat of a late bloomer and we have seen so much growth this summer... it really is amazing to watch.

More things about our Janey....
* She has been coming out of her bubble and is talking to people and making friends everywhere we go.
* She likes to do things on her terms.
* She is an observer and likes to take her time joining in on the fun.
* She can recite her ABC's
* She can count to 10 and almost to 20
* She loves to read books. I just introduced 'The Three Little Pigs' and 'The Three Bears' to her.
* She is a movie and show fanatic.... she hasn't watched a Disney movie that she doesn't like.
* She is not a huge eater, but likes to eat snacks all throughout the day. Her main meal is breakfast.
*She doesn't take naps every day but will take them at her own free will if she is sleepy.
*She LOVES her castle (our house) when people come over she loves to show them upstairs and in the evenings she likes to come home. Even while on vacation she asked to come home one night.
* I recently told her she is a real life princess because she SINGS almost everything she says. Its adorable.
* She is catching on to a lot of church songs we sing and all the popular kid music we listen to in the car... I love it!
* Her personality is really starting to take shape and I can tell we are going to be best friends one day!
* She is a fish in the water and loves to swim.
* Her family is her happy place... she asks daily if we can go and see someone.
* We are thinking about putting her in ballet or gymnastics soon.
* We think she is athletic. Her hand-eye coordination is awesome!
* She is the BEST big sister to her brother and mothers him like you wouldn't believe. I know that if I or Kyle are not around she would be his advocate.

Kyle is busy as ever with a thriving Photography business and we are so thankful to God that He has blessed us. We just moved into our home back in January so we enjoy keeping up with all the demands of home ownership. One of our favorite things to do is work outside together. We have a small garden that is fun to tend to... Charlotte even gets in on the fun and picks tomatoes and cucumbers every day. Sawyer just eats the dirt. ;) 
One thing Kyle and I are working on is spending more quality time with each other. Raising kids is hard and now that they are getting a little older it's becoming easier to sneak away. 
We have a few more weeks of Summer break left and I am secretly soooo excited for Fall even though it will stay hot for possibly a few more months. 
When iMom starts back up that marks the beginning of Fall semester for me, since the kids are not in school yet. 
I did decide to homeschool preschool with Charlotte... I haven't been able to sit down and plan anything out, but I have a few ideas. This will be a trial run and may decide what our future will hold. 

I think that is all for today. Looking forward to keeping this up so that we will have some documentation of our little family. :)