Tuesday, December 10, 2013

9 and 10 months

Since I was not able to post about your 9 month separately we will combine the two months in one post. :) It has been a busy few months around here but fun all at the same time.

Here are a few highlights from October and November...

* Your first tooth has popped through, you haven't had many symptoms but seem to be chewing on everything and fuss from time to time. 

*You went on your first plane ride to New York and was able to meet the captain! You did wonderful on the flight and loved to looked out the windows and play peek a boo with Uncle Nick and Lindsey. 

*In New York you were so good. It was cold and windy so we layered you up and we carried you in the Ergo the whole time. At night when we would get home we would take all your clothes off and you would get so happy, start laughing and flap your arms around. :) By the end I could tell you were ready to come home and get back into your routine, and to be honest I was too. Its true what they say... New York never sleeps... and we didn't! ;) 

You are to much fun! 

Our first day. We went to American Girl Doll and you picked out your very own bitty baby. :) 

Carriage ride through central park... you slept the whole time. 


*When we got back from our trip it was time for Halloween and you dressed as a COW... mooo! You were the cutest little thing and even made it on the news! 
Trick or Treating on the square. 

Mama made your Cow outfit. First outfit I ever made... not to shabby.

You and your Nina!

*By November you started to CRAWL!!! One day you were playing in your room and I put the baby doll that your Mom G gave you on the ground, you wanted it so bad you crawled over to it. I freaked out, got your daddy to come in the room and we recorded you.... so sweet! 

*Your 2nd tooth has popped through making your smile OH SO SWEET! 

*Nina pampered her girls one night and got out the foot massager, you got your first pedicure... without the polish. We will save that for another time. :) 

*You are starting to realize how cute you are and will squint your eyes at us... oh my heart! You also started to dance. Aunt Mattie was dancing for you (a regular occurrence) and you started raising your shoulders up and down. 

*We took you to Radnor Lake to look at all the beautiful trees. You loved playing in the leaves. I think it wore you out though because you fell asleep while Nina was carrying you in the Ergo. :) 

*We went to Papa and Gigis to help decorate their Christmas Tree. You were so cute with your cousins... precious memories! The next week we went to Nina and Poppy's to decorate their tree and you fell asleep and missed out, but when you woke up you loved looking at the colored lights. 

*You got to experience your first snow! We were decorating the house for Christmas and the most beautiful snow started falling. I got you dressed and took you out to snap a picture. :) You were not sure what to think and did not want to touch it. 

*Mommy had a hair appointment so you stayed with Nina... we were apart for 2 1/2 hours!! The longest yet! Oh and you did great no crying at all. :) 

* You celebrated your 1st THANKSGIVING! We went to Mawmaw's and PawPaw's first for lunch then we headed out to Gatlinburg for the rest of the week. (Hopefully a separate post)

*You started giving kisses. You will either stay really still when we say kiss kiss or you will come towards us with your mouth open. It is seriously so cute! :) 

*You started to stand and balance on your own. We can not believe it! Such good balance. Wondering what this next month will bring. 

*You got your Santa pictures and was not so sure about him.  Right before we went in I got you to say HOHOHO... thankfully I got it on video. :) 

*You are still nursing and only eating one bite, if that of food. We have tried just about everything but you prefer mamas milk. 

*Your NAPS are getting longer!! Praise the Lord! I think it is because you are so BUSY! Most days, I let you have free reign over your room since you can't get break or get into anything that would be bad. :) 

* You JUST started to play peek a boo by yourself... so cute!  

Here are a few extra photos from the past few months... :) 

Playdates with your friends! 

Days at home with mama.

Showing off your teething necklace... it has worked wonders!

Hanging with mamas friends! 

Celebrating Kate! 

Watching Granny tie her FAMOUS bows! 

We went to ICE with friends! 

Our Christmas tree that you love to play with! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

8 months!

Oh what a month it has been, you are growing by leaps and bounds! You are getting to be such a big girl, already being so independent and determined even though you are still a petite thang. You make us laugh every day and for that I am thankful! 

Sleeping is getting better… hallelujah….. still in our bed, but going longer before waking up is good enough for me. Your naps during the day are getting better as well, you really like to sleep in our bed. I have tried to lay you in the crib for naps but you wake up so fast. I would rather you sleep longer, even if it is in my bed. 

Food is still no fun for you, we have tried banana, egg yolk, watermelon, and cantaloupe. The only thing you like is to suck on a apple core. We are still letting you try different foods even though you usually do not like them. 

Your Daddy's birthday was this month and I wanted to take him out for a surprise. Your Nina, Poppy, and Aunt Mattie came over to babysit and you did great! They said you did not cry the entire time! We were able to get dinner and ice cream, it was so nice to have some grown up time! 

A big event you attended this month was the farm to table. You were so good and let me help decorate and set up the event. It felt good to be able to get out and do something I love. You were the ONLY child that night, which meant you got passed around a lot! We are so proud of your Nina… she is one amazing lady! 

You are about to start crawling, you will get into the position and then lay flat down. However we have found that this is how you get from one side of the room to the other. You will be sitting up, then lay down on your belly, wiggle, and then sit up… then repeat. Its amazing how far you can get. Another fun thing you have accomplished this month is pulling up. You pull up on EVERYTHING and use our bodies as jungle gym. :) 

You are still saying da da da da and it is soooo cute! Bye bye bye happened right on your 8 month birthday! So proud of you! 

One Saturday I took you to the Farmers Market in Hendersonville and you rode a pony for the first time. At first you didn't know what to think, but you warmed up to the idea. Who knows maybe one day we will have horses of our own… ?? ;) 

We had our third annual pumpkin carving party and it was so fun to be able to experience it with you! We had a great time and you loved being outside with everyone. 

 I think that pretty much sums up our month 8 other then the weekly play dates we have with friends and little fun places we go through out the week. I can already tell month 9 is going to be a big one…. I'm predicting more words and crawling!
Playing in your room!

Checking out the chickens with Aunt Mattie

Bath time is a every night thing around here and you love it! 

You LOVE to watch Maple run around in the back yard! 

You sat in the big girl buggy for the first time!! Personally I love this... now I do not have to carry in your infant carrier or wear you!

Mornings at the while mommy works out.

Play time at home.

Aunt Adrians birthday! 

Sweet cousins!

We love taking walks around our neighborhood.