Monday, May 23, 2011


This past Easter was very bittersweet for me simply because I knew how precious my time was with my sweet Da. We spent Saturday at Kyle's parents house and we had a great time eating, having an egg hunt, playing corn hole, and having our newest member of the family with us. We are so happy to have a family that realizes how special this holiday is.

On Sunday we spent our morning at church and our afternoon at my grandparents. This year was different, but it was as fun as it could be. My Da LOVES all his granchildren and has always taken such a huge part in whatever we do. Instead of him being outside with us we opened all the curtains so he could watch all the kiddos go searching for eggs. We were blessed with a beautiful weekend to spend with family!

As I reflect over the past few weeks I cant help but realize how sweet life is. This Easter hit me with such a new appreciation for what Jesus did for us. I could literally not go through one day without him, I am so thankful for all his many blessings.