Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Fun

We love the weekends, especially when daddy gets to enjoy them with us! On Friday we tagged along with Kyle and went to Leipers Fork, one of my favorite places. He had a house shoot so Charlotte and I drove around taking in all the beautiful scenery and then we found a little spot to relax and enjoy the scenery. It was an amazing day.... I always come back so refreshed.

Charlotte cuddling on me... I'll take all I can get!

Our view... now if you can imagine the birds chirping and music playing in the background. 

Farmland is everywhere. We pulled over and rolled the windows down so Charlotte could hear them Moooo

Isn't she the cutest?!

Delicious lunch at a farm to table restaurant. 
Saturday was our nephews 3rd birthday, the theme was Airplanes! Charlotte had a blast playing in the plane and going on a egg hunt!
This Easter is going to be fun! 

Happy Birthday Cade! We love you! 
Make a wish! 
After Charlotte woke up from her nap it was back outside to play. She helped me water the flowers and then worked on the landscaping, aka dig in the mulch. :)

Helping Daddy revive our Hydrangea bush. Cant believe its actually alive! And yes, that mountain of green beside Charlotte is WEEDS! We have some work to do in the back.
Today we had a nice morning watching the service online and then we headed to Nina and Poppys house. Kyle has a family shoot and Char is napping so I am blogging! If I had my planner with me I could write about your 14 months. Later we will go to church and then rest up for the week ahead!

Playing with the legos. :) 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekend trip to Memphis

Kyle had a wedding in Memphis last month and we tagged along for the fun! On Saturday after eating breakfast and dropping Kyle off at the wedding location we headed to a cute book store and vintage shops. We found some good reads for our collection! 

Looking through the kid section.

Already passed out which gave me time to look around in some shops.
 After she woke up we headed to the Zoo!!

She had SO much fun!

Great times with my baby girl!

That evening we picked up some food at Jasons Deli and headed back to the hotel. We were exhausted from our day so we got comfy and watched movies. 
The next day we went to a cute place for breakfast and then headed back to Gallatin in time for the "snow storm".

Pit stop to get out and stretch my legs. 

Getting some sweet sugar from my baby.
We had a great time on our short vacation and made new friends in the meantime.

13 months

Sweet girl you have been meeting milestone after milestone..... growing up so fast! Here are a few things you have been up to this past month.

You started taking steps and are so cautious about each one you take. 

You love to point at everything with that little pointer finger... you even started to locate your eyes, nose, and mouth!

You took your first wagon ride around the neighborhood and loved it! 

You took two trips one to Atlanta and to Memphis.... little world traveler!

We had a snow day in March where we stayed at Ninas and Poppys all day snuggling and staying nice and cozy. 

This month you have also been able to stay with family a few times while mama and daddy went out. You are doing so good! 

Shopping in 5 points with Gigi

Fun day with Aleah.

You just started to like swinging. 

You love to nap in your carseat!

Fun day at Gigi's with Ethan.

Park playdate with family and friends!

You are going to have some cute curly hair just like mama and daddy!
I am so THANKFUL that I am able to stay home and watch you grow into a little lady. We are one blessed family! :)