Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sometimes you have to make a mess to clean a mess...
The pic. below... Bags, bags, and more Bags... anyone need some??

While the guys were out doing their manly thing I was out doing my girly thing... Shopping!!! I met up with Kyle's mom and grandmother to do some after Christmas shopping and boy did we find some deals!!! I was able to purchase all of my decorations for my tree next year, Christmas dishes, and decor for so cheap!! Kyle was so proud when he came home to see all my purchases... he was also glad that I didn't go into debt while doing it! When I finally got home a cleaning bug hit me and I cleaned out my room! I really think I have a problem with saving things... lets just say I filled 4 FULL trash bags from just cleaning out my closet! I went through everything and dumped the old and put all the new in! I feel much better now that everything is cleaned and organized...


I must honestly say that I truly enjoy Christmas morning as if I was still 8 years old!!! Waking up with the anticipation of what we will see and also the excitement of giving gifts to the family is just so much fun! When we woke up we waited at the top of the stairs until mom or dad said it was okay to come down and then we headed for the family room! We all were so surprised with each gift that we opened! Next we all got dressed and headed to my dads side of the family... we ate a wonderful Christmas breakfast and shared some special memories. :) When Kyle and I were leaving it began to snow, but it left as fast as it came... oh well! Our next stop was his parents house... when we got there we opened our gifts with Mom G and then headed next door to Kyle's house to relax for a while. Later that night we ate salad and pizza and then did gifts.... What A Great Christmas!!! I am so thankful for my family and I couldn't ask for anything more...

Christmas Time!!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year... I love everything that it means and brings! I must say that I had a wonderful Christmas spent with family and was blessed beyond measure! Christmas Eve was spent at my house during the day wrapping gifts, baking, and getting ready for the eventful evening! That afternoon Kyle came to get me and we went to his Grandparents house to celebrate Christmas.... we had a great dinner and got some great gifts! After we left we went to my grandparents house to open gifts! Kyle and I got so many wonderful things that we will be needing in the near future! After we opened gifts we all chilled out and just enjoyed each others company. When we got home all the "kiddos" went to bed while Santa and Mr. Clause stayed up to get ready for CHRISTMAS MORNING!! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Eating a Grilled Cheese Sandwich before the parade started!

Mom and Dad waiting for it to start!

Some COOL Cars!

We Loved this Float.... It felt like it was really snowing! To bad you cant see the "snow" in the picture of Kyle and I... lol!

Madeline's Team....

I can not believe how long it has been since I have blogged... so many fun activities have come and gone! This past Saturday Kyle, my family, and I braved the cold weather and headed out for the Gallatin Christmas Parade. My sister was in the parade representing the Bison Cheerleaders so of course we had to go and watch! :) I hadn't been to a parade in ages so I was really excited about going, sadly I was not very impressed with it. Next year I would like to go to the one in Nashville and Hendersonville.. I hear they are much better. We had a great time just being with each other and we got quite a few laughs out of the things we saw!! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday = Wedding Planning!

Saturday my mom, sister, cousin, and friend Amanda went downtown to look at flowers with the lady that will be doing my flowers for the wedding. We went to Smith and Rogers then to Import Flowers, which is a wholesaler and decided we liked them best! They had such a WIDE variety of things to choose from and in the summer months the choices will be endless. I had pictures of exactly how I would like the flowers to look and I am super excited! After we chose out the flowers and went over some details of the wedding day Amanda and I headed to Bella Bridesmaid to look at dresses. I wanted more girls to come, but everyone either had to work or had other plans, but it ended up being okay because that meant less opinions...lol. Bella Bridesmaids was a boutique just for bridesmaid dresses and it was adorable... we picked out tons of dresses to try on and the very first one we both saw and liked was the one I believe we will go with. The dress go perfectly with the theme, color scheme, it is very breezy, and most defiantly something they can wear again.
When we left there we ate lunch at Bread and Company and we both had a chicken salad sandwich on cranberry bread... so good! Then we went down a neat strip of stores, although we didn't buy anything it was still nice to look! When we got home mom had planned for us to stay and hang out by the fire pit.... so we did and it was such a nice evening! I am loving this weather! We had a wonderful day... so much was accomplished and checked of the LONG list of things to do! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

Sunday Kyle and I keep the tradition going and went to get a pumpkin so we could carve it! We bought a pumpkin carving kit and picked out our favorite design and then Kyle made the outline on the pumpkin. We wanted to roast the seeds so we separated the goo from the seeds then put them in a cast iron skillet to be roasted. Both of us were very happy with our design when we finished. It is now sitting on the front porch making it look very festive! I just love this time of the year! :)