Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Weekend....

Last week was a blah week... I had a test in every class that I am taking and it was very frustrating, so by the time the weekend came I was ready to chill out with Kyle. Friday I was at work and got the great idea to have a PJ party... ha except Kyle re framed from calling it that lol! He came to get me and then we went to his house to order pizza and watch swing vote. Some of Kyles parents friends came over to watch the movie and they brought dessert! The movie was alright... not my favorite to say the least. After the movie, we sat around drinking coffee and just catching up. On Saturday I stayed at home all day and re- decorated my room!! I am super excited about that! Around 3 Kyle headed to my house and we went over our lesson for Sunday and then ate dinner which I made...pork chops, mashed potatoes,broccoli and cheese sauce to go on top. After that we played cards with my parents and then watched some t.v. Sunday was good..we went to church and our Sunday school lesson went really good,the preaching was amazing too!! Some of the kids really joined in on the conversation which is always nice! After that we headed to my grannys house and ate lunch over there... we just hung out all day! Then we went back to church and after service we made our weekly trip... DQ! My grandparents, brother, sister, and Kyle were the ones who came this week. When we were leaving Kyle wanted to go to Walmart so he could get me a webcam! I was very excited bc, I have skype but not everything else to be able to use it! He got me this nice camera and as soon as we got home we put it to use!!
He will be heading to Texas next week on business and we are not used to being apart at all, so thank goodness we got this!! I also have a best friend over in Australia who I can talk too!! We have actually been using it while he is here... its nice to be able to see the person when you are talking. This week has been amazing! I have been talking about maybe getting a extra job ,because my job that I have now is not giving me enough hours... thankfully All About Art Gallery was looking for someone to come and help!! Kyle told them that I may be interested and they called on Monday, asked if I could come in, and I started that day! I feel very blessed that I was able to get a job with good pay and lots more hours without even looking!! :)

*** The pictures above are from the new webcam!! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day with My Love!! :)

Kyle and I got up and went to eat Cracker Barrel on Saturday morning and then headed to go horse back suprise to Kyle!! He did a great job and I cant wait to go again!! Then we came back to my house and I made French Bread Pizzas and we relaxed and took a good nap. Later we got up and I jumped in the shower while he went to get my surprise ready. He came back over to pick me up, when we got in the car he blind folded me and then took me to our destination. When we finally got to his house and I was able to take the blind fold off he had a nice fire going and the table lit with candles! He made steak,baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and texas toast! It was very Yummy!! He also got me a dozen roses and a bag of snickers! Later that night we watched Fireproof and drank some coffee!

This was definitely the best Valentines Day we have ever had together!! We made many special memories and laughed all day long!! :) Going to the women's retreat and watching Fireproof really has taught me a lot about relationships and how to treat your special someone... I can tell just in the past month how much closer Kyle and I have gotten and how much differently we are treating eachother ,knowing that the time is getting closer to when we are able to call eachother husband and wife!!! :) :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's Agenda

This morning I got up and went to my first aid class... we had a test today and instead of leaving after the test we had to stay and watch a video, luckily we still managed to get out early! When I got home I jumped in the shower and then made some breakfast... which was eggs and organic Starbucks coffee!! Next I am going to rearrange my room...yesterday I bought some new pictures and some other things to change the theme. As of right now my room could have 2 different color schemes it depends on the bedspread. Forever I have had the red and tan colors and I thought it would be a nice change if I got rid of that and put light blue and some green, cream and tan colors in. I am going for the relaxing cottage feel; I love those colors they feel very fresh and soothing!
Later today I am going to run and try to pick up some things I need at the store so that I can finish up my recipe for the Amish bread that I am making and I need to go and exchange some shirts, pick up some things for the youth group and that should be about it.
Tonight Adrian asked me to go to her church for a women conference they are having... The name of the conference is called Reality Check which sounds amazing!! Everyone needs one of those and I'm excited to be able to go!
* The picture above is from last night... we had just got finished watching a movie and were about to start watching LOST... we had to tape it from the other night.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Party Pictures!

Pictures from the blog below...Enjoy!! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My two grandmothers birthdays are in the same week and they both turn the same age... so this year we wanted to do something special for both of them. The first party was two Sundays ago... we had everyone come to our house right after church and our goal was for my grandparents to go change after church so that it would give people enough time to get here! Of course planing a surprise party couldn't be easy... they refused to go home first because they felt they wouldn't have enough time, so we asked them to pick up a few drinks instead. It worked out perfectly and my grandmother and grandfather were VERY surprised and everyone was able to make it! We ate a wonderful meal and had a great cake from a local bakery. We spent time together just talking and watching videos online... we all decided that this was much needed and should happen more often.

My other grandmothers birthday happened on the following Saturday. Her party wasn't a surprise but it was just as fun! We all meet at my house and had a Mexican fiesta... we LOVE Mexican food!! The meal was so delicious, my family sure does know how to make some good Mexican food! We all chatted, but mostly watched performances by all my cousins and sister. They love to make up dances and pretend that they are superstars.. they sing all the time!! It was great entertainment and was hilarious to watch all the different dancing styles that were going on, especially from the little girls. My brother also brought over 3 of his friends and they played the wii, Kyle got in on that while I just watched. I loved spending time with everyone and I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful family!