Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goodbye Party

On Sunday afternoon Kyle and I had my family over to celebrate Nick going off to UTC and Anthony going back to California. This was my fist fairly big dinner party and it was great! I made Fettuccine Alfredo, French Bread Pizza, Caesar Salad and my mom made us desert! The food was more then enough... we actually had leftovers! We had so much fun laughing and talking together. Other then my cold we had a wonderful Sunday! My dad preached the morning service and the youth pastor preached the evening service and both messages were amazing! After the evening service we had a time of fellowship for my grandfather(the pastor) birthday! I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for our church... great things are happening! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sips and Strokes

This past weekend I was invited to join a group of girls to go painting. I love being crafty and creative BUT I can not draw/paint. I was told that it was kind of like painting by numbers, but when I got there they gave me a blank canvas which was terrifying! The lady that started Sips and Strokes was our instructor and she was great! She walked us through everything and surprisingly all of our pictures turned out great. I have a few mistakes on mine, but for my first time I was pretty proud of the outcome. The environment there is very laid back... you can bring anything you want to eat or drink.. hence the name. I picked up some Starbucks before I came and next time I will make sure to bring water as well because we were there for a very long time! I am already looking forward to going back... maybe next month! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Birthday Kick off!

The Gregory family all have birthday's within 2 months, August and September, and what is really funny about it is that even the married in people fall into the same months! Mom G kicks us off with the birthday celebrations! Her birthday was August 8th and she turned 87. I have known this sweet lady for almost 5 years and I have never felt more welcomed and at home in her presence. She has quoted to Kyle and I more then once if you own something that is to nice for your neighbor to borrow, you shouldnt even have it to begin with, which I think speaks volumes of her character. She is a flawless woman and I feel blessed to be able to know her!

Bath Time for Pee Paws!

Every week or maybe even 2 times a week we like to give sweet little Maple a bath. For the obvious reasons... I mean she is a puppy with lots of germs! Pee Paws is a nick name that I gave her a few weeks ago and ever since it has stuck with us. She has the tendency to step in her pee right after doing the deed.... so gross I know! Here are a few pics of our bath time! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Date Night

After heavy work loads sometimes its nice to just chill out and spend some time together! Kyle and I have been on opposite schedules, he works nights and I work days so when we got the news that the new night manager was set we were quiet excited! Friday night we went out to eat at Carrabas and rented a movie which was pointless since we both fell asleep! Saturday night we went to Zaxby's in the POURING rain, went to Target, and then came home to put together our bookshelf/ TV stand for our bedroom. Sunday night we went to Michael and Adrian's to discuss a trip we are hoping to take and in the meantime our dogs were introduced! Tank and Maple had a great time playing together... I wish I had video and more pictures to post! Maple has never had the chance to play with another dog so it was fun to see how she interacted! :)

Its SIMPLE nights like these that I enjoy most. I do not need all the glitz and glam to be happy with my husband. As long as we are together and we are able to spend time together I am just fine. Now... dont get me wrong I do on occasion like the glitz and the! :)