Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Today was the first day that it actually snowed!! It flurried last week but nothing really stuck. I went to school this morning at 8:00 for a first aid class and it was raining ice.. hardly anyone showed up so we watched a video for a little bit until we got word that it was snowing pretty hard! I was so excited when we were let out and I saw all the beautiful snow! It was my first time to drive in the snow so I was a little scared but amused at the same time!
When I got home I took a picture of our back yard bc I knew it would go away just as fast as it came. I walked inside to my mom cooking us 3 kids some french toast.. it was YUMMY!! After breakfast the snow had already stopped and before we could go outside to play we got to cozy on the couch and ended up staying in the rest of the day.

Now its 5:00 and im getting stir crazy... I finished my latest book from the Karen Kingsbury collection so I couldn't read anything other then school books and that was no fun!
I decided I would get online and get some research out of the way. My Sociology class is going to do a community service project and I thought it would be neat to partner up with the Make A Wish foundation... this is a great program that helps children who have cancer. A couple of years ago my cousin was eligible to be on the list and his wish was granted! Now that he is gone and even when he was here I am always looking for ways to give back. Therefore I sent a email to the lady that is over the Middle Tn area and I am hoping to here back from her very soon!

I have also been trying to get together a lesson for Sundays youth group... Kyle and I are taking this class over and we are very excited for the opportunity. This Sunday I will have the class by myself ,because Kyle has other commitments that he had already made... (photography job).
Kyle gets off work soon and he is coming by to pick me up and we will run a grab a bite to eat and then watch Lost!!
Have a Great Week!! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009


This year Christmas was very different, which was expected considering the circumstances. On Christmas Eve I went to work and thankfully got off around 3:30 and headed to my house to meet up with my brother. He had to work as well ,so we were both a little late showing up to my grandparents house. When we finally arrived Nick and I grabbed a plate to eat and got thrown right into opening all our presents. Our family was blessed with a Wii... very unexpected!! We were very excited, I also got a new pair of shoes... they are Sperry's!! LOVE THEM!! After we spent time with the family, played with the gifts, and got all the presents loaded up in the car Nick and I were off to do some last minute shopping. Thankfully Walgreen's was opened so we went in and he got mom 2 candles that are organic and I bought some M&M' s for a recipe. We had so much fun driving all around trying to find places that were opened and just spending quality brother sister time! He is about to head off to college and its going to be extremely hard! :(
When we got home we stayed up for a while getting some things together and I had to make some rice crispy treats for my Uncle... they are his fav.! The next morning we were all woken up by my sister saying come on guys its Christmas, its Christmas... as if we didnt know,lol! We walked down stairs to see what Santa had brought us! It was definitely a sweet time for us as a family and I loved it very much! My brother and I wanted to do things a little diffrent this year, instead of the kids opening our gifts first we wanted to give our parents their presents first! I was so excited... Kyle, Nick, and I got them all new pots and pans and baking wear!! They loved it.... as soon as we were all finished opening gifts they cleaned out the cabinets and took the old out and put the new in!! It was so nice to see my parents be so happy... I love getting people gifts that they love!!
After we finished up at the house we all headed to my other set of grandparents house. Kyle and I decided to wear funny Christmas sweaters and to be a little goofy instead of wearing some of our new clothes!! When we got to my grandparents, my grandmother needed help making some food, so I made the pancakes while she made the eggs. Everyone finally arrived, and the house went from being quiet to loud very fast! All my family was able to make it which was a HUGE blessing! It made my Christmas being able to see everyone.
We all ate breakfast and then got everyone together to open gifts... I think everyone was very pleased with their gifts. My brother got a Austin Pea sweatshirt from one of my cousins and the tears stared coming.... I was surprised that I got emotional over that, but I did. Then it was time for my grandparents to open their gifts and they got a beautiful gift from my aunt and uncle. It has one of Dustans last pictures on it and it has a musical note from the casket, and it also said in loving memory of Dustan Gammon.... it was a very special gift and got everyone emotional for a moment.. we all miss him dearly, but we know that he is having such a grate time with our Heavenly Father! It was NOT the same with out him here this year and it was extremely hard for me. I do not even have words for the way I feel without him here.
After we all got our emotions under control I gathered up the family for a picture that would have all of us together... Kyle and I got my grandparents a frame, so we wanted a new picture of all of us in it. Kyle and I then headed to his house, when we got there we played the wii with Michael and Adrian and then headed up to Mom G's house. We opened up gifts that were from her and I received the most special gift that I will cherish forever. She hand made ornaments that have special meanings for each one. She also made crosses with a jewel in the middle... I was very touched that she wanted to make me something so special. She also gave Kyle, Adrian, Michael, Mark, and Connie a picture from her wall. They were something that were special to Mom and Dad G.... I know Kyle was shocked when she wanted to give them away. It was a very special moment! After that we grabbed a bite to eat and then we looked through old pictures of Dad and Mom G... oh man they were so funny!! We then walked back to Kyles and opened more gifts... we had so much fun watching Cole and just spending time together.
Overall I had a very blessed Christmas and I could of not asked for more. I had everyone I loved right there with me and I experienced many special moments that I will forever hold to my heart.
I know that God has great plans for Kyle and I this year... we have already been talking about some things we would love to do for others. I thank God for bringing my family through this past year and I will continue to praise Him as we are rolling into this year!
*I forgot to mention that my Uncle and Aunt also handed out all of the family members a cd that Dustan had recorded with one of the girls from our church... she is singing and playing the piano and he is playing the drums and in a few of the songs my brother is playing the bass.... I have only been able to listen to 2 songs because I was so overwhelmed... it is very powerful!! The songs that were sung are his testimony... im so thankful for this cd... Thanks Annie! :)