Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bottom View Farm!

Fall is here and we are so happy! I have always enjoyed doing all the seasonal activities with the kids I have kept in the past and this year I have been able to experience it with my own little babe! Thankful that Kyle was able to join us for this fun family day on the farm. :)

Here we come!

This was Charlottes favorite horse.

So focused.

Giddy up horsey!

Cade and Cole having some fun!

Checking out the pumpkin. 


You are getting to be so big! Almost 8 months! Still not crawling but you do pull up on everything!

After all the fun that we could have on the farm we went to have lunch at a place called 5 Chefs. On the way home Charlotte passed out and stayed asleep most of the afternoon. I think between the heat and all the new things she saw our girl was wore out!

Fall Creek Falls

We took our first family trip of three to Fall Creek Falls last month in September. Charlotte traveled the two hour trek like a champ, sleeping the whole way there and back! We hiked the trail going up, had a picnic lunch and then hiked the trail going down to the Falls. We had such a fun day and look forward to taking Charlotte camping in the future!

You didn't have any clothes on in this picture... it was to hot!

You are such a good baby! This is at the end of the day... you still have a smile on your face!