Thursday, June 20, 2013

4 Months

Another month has come and gone and my girl has changed so much yet again. New milestones are almost a daily occurrence around here making it hard for me to keep up!

We haven't taken you back to the doctor since your two month check up so I do not have a weight check, but I do know that you are growing perfectly. You can now fit in your 3-6 month clothes, 0-3 months are packed away which seems so surreal to already be putting away some of your clothes! Your feeding schedule is still every two hours unless you are asleep then you will go longer. :) During the day if we are home I like to lay you down in your crib for naps. If we are out you will take naps in your car seat or the ergo carrier. At night we give you a bath around 9:30, sometimes earlier, feed you and then put you in the rock n play. Usually you will wake up around 3, then again at 6, and then you are up for the day around 8:30 (that is our best night scenario, sometimes you are up more then that. We are working on it. ;))

You have great control of your upper body, tummy time has helped so much. You are able to sit in the bumbo chair and exersaucer and play with all the toys.

Love this look you get, your eyes are filled with so much curiosity!

Playtime has become so much fun... I never know what I am going to see!

Your 1st time in the exersaucer... you LOVED it! 

All your toys, hands, and feet all go straight to your mouth... wondering if some teeth will pop through soon! 
You have started to roll over which means we are not able to leave you by yourself anymore. To be so little you sure are mobile! One of my favorite things that you do now is laugh and talk. You are very ticklish and the rougher we play with you the better! In the mornings when I am getting ready you talk the whole time... I think we are going to have a talker. :) You enjoy listening to mommy read books, you love all the colorful pages. If I am not mistaken your favorite color is red... you get really excited when looking at that color. Also you have found your new best friends, your feet! You try and put them in your mouth any chance you get. :)

Holding that head up so good!

Finding your feet!

Watching Baby Faith, you LOVE the T.V.

Picnic at the park on a Sunday afternoon.

Swinging for the first time. :) 

At your cousin Hannahs pool for the first time. You were not a fan of the cold water. A few weeks later we went back and you loved it. Hopefully by Fl. time you will be ready to splash around. :)

Baby girl you are changing more and more each day. You are such a joy to all your family and people you come in contact with. Everyone adores you so much. May your little light shine...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nashville Zoo

With summer and really hot days right around the corner we decided to take a trip to the Nashville Zoo before it got to hot. Our morning started with a good ole country breakfast at a local favorite, Ruby's Kitchen. Loved the vibe of the place, we could tell that most of the people there came daily. Afterwards we took off to the Zoo for Charlotte's first time. Our girl slept through most of it, but when awake she enjoyed the carousel and a few animals. I see many more visits in the months to come. :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mothers Day

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be a mom and this year my dream came true. What a GIFT motherhood has been so far. It is a calling that has not been taken lightly, each day is a treasure! The day I became a mommy to my sweet girl was overcome with emotion, it wasn't until we were home that it sunk in and honestly I think it still is sinking in that she is forever my responsibility.

Kyle made sure to make my very first mothers day special. We went to church and was able to dedicate Charlotte. Such a special feeling giving her over to the Lord and making a promise to raise her in a Godly home. After church we went to Cracker Barrel to eat with my family, came home to relax and then off to Gigi's for another round of celebrations. :) 
We ADORE our girl! 

Flower Pots Charlotte Jane and I made Nina and Gigi

Kyle spoiled me rotten with all these thoughtful gifts.

Poppy and Nina made this for me!

On the following Tuesday, Kyle took us out to eat in Franklin at a restaurant called Puckett's Grocery. After eating we took a stroll around downtown Franklin, looked in a few shops, and enjoyed some live music. 

What a blessed time we had celebrating  motherhood!!