Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthday Suprises!

Yesterday, August 26th was my 22nd birthday!!! I went to work and my friend Kelly called me and asked if she could take me out for lunch at Itty Bitty... I couldn't turn that down! While we were there, Kyle and Michael showed up for lunch as well... just for the record those boys are CRAZY! After lunch I headed back to work and they had gotten me a Chocolate Fudge Cake and a necklace. I only had to work there until 4 and then I went home to get dressed for a night out with Kyle. He took me to Maggianos, one of our favorite places to eat and then we went and picked up some Starbucks!!! While we were in the drive thru line I found out that the wedding dress store I have been looking at online was right across the street... such a nice surprise! Then we went to walk around Centennial Park to relax and sip on our coffee, the sky was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We had such a nice evening together and I am going to miss him this weekend while he is gone on a men's retreat, but i know he will have TONS of fun!! :)

Parting ways for now...

Well my brother, Nick is an official college student!!! This past Sunday we went up to Clarksville to check out a church my grandfather told us about that Nick might enjoy going while he is in college. Its always hard getting used to a different setting then you are used to in church, but the church we attended on Sunday was not for Nick. He is looking for a church with a college age group where he can get connected and meet other people that believes like him. After church we went to eat at a Chinese place and it was really good, after that we headed home for church that night where our church held an ice cream social for my grandfathers birthday! :) We had a wonderful day spent with family and I know there will be MANY more road trips to Clarksville in the future! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Date Night

Saturday afternoon Kyle and I had a date night! We went to look at some apartments then out to eat at O' Charley's. After we ate we drove around to kill time until our movie started, we ended up finding a trial that we want to go back to and see where it leads. We ate some ice cream and sat out side talking about our honeymoon and where we would like to live. After ice cream it was time for our movie to start, we saw The Perfect Getaway and it was a pretty good movie. I love date nights with Kyle... we always have so much fun! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Engagement Party!!!

Yesterday, Amanda one of my bridesmaids threw an engagement party for Kyle and I!! Family and friends were invited for a 2:30 party at the Gregory's. When Kyle and I arrived we were both VERY surprised about how many people showed up to celebrate, throughout this whole process we were told nothing about the party except minor details. There were many good deserts and a chocolate fountain, a board for men and women to write advice for us, and also a board of our pictures from over the years together (some good and some bad)! I even got a few presents and cards... my mom got me a big bad so that I can carry all my Bridal stuff in and it has a tag that says bride :), my Aunt April gave us a 3 photo picture frame that has a nice saying about love on the mat! Reading what people gave us advice about was hilarious, I cant believe I'm actually getting MARRIED!! The day went awesome and I really can not express how grateful I am, we are so excited and to see that everyone is behind us makes everything so much fun!! I know I say it a lot, but I really do feel so blessed to be in such a awesome family of my own and also to be part of Kyles family... it just doesn't get better! :)

**Pictures to come! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Florida Memories!!

We just got back from vacation a week ago and it already feels like forever!!! We all had so much fun this year, it was a MUCH needed vacation for everyone.

*Saturday: we arrived and I got engaged!!
*Sunday: we woke up and went to eat at the Donut Hole, then went to the beach. That night we ate in and then went to play put put golf!
*Monday: went to the beach, ate lunch there then we came back up to shower, that night we ate at McGuire's. After dinner we went to ride go carts.... crazy experience, then we went to get ice cream!
*Tuesday: went to the beach, then we got ready and went to Seaside to rent bikes and we rode them to dinner... RED BAR!!! We rode back and walked around got shaved ice... I got a smoothie from raw and juicy.
*Wednesday: went back to Seaside to ride around, we also rode our bikes through Water Color... it was beautiful! We hung out on the beach then went home to get ready for pictures!! Kyle and I had a date night, we went to Rosemary Beach, ate and walked on the beach.
*Thursday: we decided that we were okay to spend the day not on the beach, so the boys went to see a movie and the girls went shopping. After we all got back we went to the beach that afternoon and later that night Kyle and I went to get sushi, shopped around at the outdoor mall and just hung out.
*Friday: SADLY WE LEFT! :(

I really can not believe I remembered all of that... we did a lot of other stuff, but I cant remember every little detail. We had so much fun and I would move there, but all my family is here!