Monday, July 21, 2008


Here are a few pictures from the party on Saturday!

playing croquet, Connie and I were on a team and we were in last place, but thats ok we had fun anyway!
Kyle and I!!
Little Cole, just hanging out!
2 little trouble makers! (J/K)

Cole talking to Mama JO
Father and Daughter!
Playing Horse Shoe

Long Weekend Review!

This past Thursday Kyle came over in the afternoon and we went to work out. He usually hits the weight room and I head for the treadmill to run. After I get finished doing my thing I go meet up with him and work out my arms and legs!! The problem that occurred while we were there on Thursday was that when I was running I started to get a little dizzy, I was like what the heck is wrong with me, not thinking I bumped up my speed I continued to push myself... that wasn't a good idea. I slowed down to cool off and then it hit me that the reason why I was getting so light headed was because I had barley even eaten anything that day!! When we left there we went to the peoples house that I am watching and watered the flowers, fed the fish, and then got the mail. Afterwards we headed to his house to make some dinner and just chill out. We sat out on his back porch and read and then ate our dinner. That night we just relaxed and watched some of his favorite shows... :( ! On Friday I just stayed around the house with my sister and cleaned and got some things together for school. Around 4:30 Mattie and I went to moms store and kidnapped her and left my dad at the store. We wanted to go eat at our favorite little place in Hendersonville, Salsaritas and ate, then we went to the mall to get Madeline these little strips for her hair that she can clip in.. one is bright pink and the other is a bright blue!! We then went to Target to pick up some things for 2 of my cousins birthdays. By this time it was like 9:00 and mom had to get me to the movie theater, because the movie started at 9:50 and Kyle wanted me to be there a little early. I got to the theater and Kyle was there waiting on me with a few of his friends. We all went to see the batman movie.. it was great, I love batman movies!! Saturday afternoon Kyle and I went to his Granddaddys birthday party and we had a lot of fun! We grilled out, played some games, and then ate some yummy cake! :) Afterwards we went to Kyles and watched a movie with his cousin and girlfriend. Sunday we of course went to church and it was awesome! When we left there we went to Kyles and he helped his dad put together some furniture for the back porch and I helped Connie get lunch together. We had kabobs and they were delicious, I think the heat knocked us all out because we passed out and took about a hour nap. When Kyle and I got up we went to a friends house to have dinner and to discuss prices for her wedding book and things like that.
Today I have a busy day of cleaning! Tonight mom and I may take my grandmother out to eat and go see Mama Mia! I am so excited I have been wanting to see this movie! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This week sure has gone by fast so far! Monday morning I worked at my moms shop, I went home around 12 and was so exhausted! I havent been sleeping that well at night so during the day I have been a little slow and feeling tired all the time. So I took a nap and then woke up to go babysit Cole. We had so much fun together!! This was the first time is was just us two and he did great! Tuesday my mom planned a fun day for us girls to go downtown and eat at our fav. place, SATCO, and then we walked around and did a little shopping and then we went to the Nashville Library. We got back into Hendersonville around 2 and dropped Madelines little friends off and then we went to get our nails and toes done! Later that evening we went to my grandmothers house and went to see my Uncle graduate from DC4, this is like a rehabilitation place where people learn how to overcome their addictions. We are so proud of my unlce for making it through the program and wanting to better his life. He now gets to live in a half way house and live pretty much like a normal person! My uncle got in trouble with prescription medicine, it started taking over his life and before it got really bad we were able to help. Today has been a interesting day... as I was doing my devotion this morning my eyes were open to so much!! Im not going to go into detail, but today I conquered some firsts.... I was able to laugh with true joy today for the first time since my cousin has gone, I was able to dance and be silly in the car for the first time today, and I was able to overcome the battlefeild of my own mind today! I am still working on a lot of things, but I know that with Gods help I will be able to fully recover from this loss. Kyle and I was able to go to the pool today and spend some time together. Tonight we went to church and had a blast! Tomorrow im not sure whats up, but im sure I will find out soon!! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Its about time....

Well as you can see I have been avoiding getting on here to write a new blog. The reason for my avoidance is because I would have to face the fact of telling people that my cousin that I wrote about in the previous blog has gone to see my Jesus. I am terribly sad, its a feeling that NO words can explain. I appreciate everyone who has been so sweet to my family and I! Without yalls support and God carrying me through each day im not sure how I could go on with a smile on my face. Dustan has taught my family so much and our lives will FOREVER be changed. There will be NO going back to my old self.
The week of the fourth was extremely weird, but fun I guess you can say. On the 3rd I think I cleaned all day and then Kyle and I went to eat with my aunt, uncle and their kidos and then we walked to the park and watched the fireworks with more of my family and a group of my friends. Afterwards we walked to baskin robins and then went to my friend Maritzas house.... she got PROPOSED to that night!! :) We are all so happy!!
On the 4th my friend and I went to lay out then I went to Kyles house and hung out there. We ate and played a game of sorry, we also watched a home video from a looooong time ago and it was hilarious!!!
On the 5th I layed out again with some friends and then Kyle and I went walking around the new mall in Hendersonville, we got some Starbucks in the barnes and noble and we read some photography and wedding magazines.
Since then there has been church, babysitting, and cleaning!! Not much really.... hahaha.....
Tomorrow Kyle and I are going out to eat with some friends and then who knows what... maybe we will walk around the park or something?? On Friday night I believe we are going to Mike and Adrains house which will be fun!! We went over there last Staturday and had a blast we played some games and made each other feel like some big dummies.... it was GREAT! :) This Saturday I think we are going to Andrew and Ashleys new house, they are getting married this year and they just bought a house!! Everyone is getting married, buying houses, having babies and I am so excited for them!! :)
I have no new pictures.... sorry but I havent really felt like taking any....
Will update soon! :)