Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Sweet Maple

Just a few cute photos of our puppy while out at the lake!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Oh the joys of Entertaining! Last week we had Michael and Adrian over for dinner and this was the first time I have ever cooked for them... lets just say I was nervous! As you all know I work full time and cooking after work can be tricky at times especially if you dont want to be eating at 7:00 at night! Anyways, I made meatloaf, potatoes, and green beans. On my break I thought, hey I already have the meat prepared why not try something new and make slow cooker potatoes... so NOT a good idea! Lets just say this was not the best meal I have ever made, but it ended up working out just fine. We ate dinner and played at the park and then came in to cool off. I am looking forward to doing more and more entertaining as time goes on. I have cooked ever night for a whole month with the exception of going to other people's houses and I have loved it!

Weekend Getaway

Can I just say I am loving married life!?! It wasn't as easy to just pick up and go on a spur of the moment trip while we were dating as it is now! Two weekends ago my brother was going to Chattanooga to show the family the campus and to talk to the staff there so he could get ready for the new school year. Since my family has not had a vacation this year, because of the wedding, my mom thought it would be fun to make it a mini vacation!
On Sunday morning Kyle and I headed to my parents house to follow them to Chattanooga. That afternoon we arrived at the Ocoee River which is beautiful! Everyone that we went with had never been before so it was fun to see all the reactions. We had a blast White Water Rafting and afterwards were very hungry! By the time we were finished it was around 6:00 and we still had no place to stay for the night. Priorities first.... we HAD to find somewhere to eat! :) We all followed Kyle to downtown Chattanooga which seemed like forever away from where we were. We ate at TGIF and the food was awesome! After dinner my parents and I went to look for hotels while the guys drove around the city and looked at the campus. We found a place fairly quick... The Chattanooga Choo Choo and I swear the place is haunted! The first two rooms they gave us were so horribly scary that we went back down and told them we wanted our money back. They then put us in the newly renovated area which was MUCH nicer!
The next morning we all went down for breakfast and then explored all the Historic Hotel had to offer. They had gardens, shops, and a mini train station. My parents and all the guys needed to go look for apartments in the area, so Kyle and I decided to go to The Aquarium and we also took Madeline along with us. We had so much fun looking at all the neat things they had there. I took lots of pictures, but they are all on my moms camera and I am having a hard time uploading pictures! :( After the aquarium we ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant in the area and then headed home! We had such a fun weekend and I am looking forward to the next mini vacation!

** That Saturday we went to the drive in movies in Ky and we had a blast. The movies playing were Karate Kid and Eclipse... both were great, but I have to say Karate Kid was better!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Meet Maple

As you see in the previous post we have a new addition to our family! A few weeks before our wedding Kyle called me on my lunch break and told me about puppies that went up for sale at our local humane society. Finding puppies at shelters are rare so I jumped on the chance and went straight there. He told me the one that he saw online and as soon as I saw her I didn't want to leave her there. We were able to go into a room and play for a bit, then I made my decision. I filled out the paper work, had a interview, and then she was ours!! I had to go back to work so I left her there and came to get her right after work. That night we went and bought all her things that she needed. Kyle and I have always known that we would get a puppy and even went looking around a while ago but never found one that we just loved until we met Maple. We are so happy to have her and we look forward to many more fun years ahead!! :)

A little background on Maple.... Her mom was dropped off at the Humane Society pregnant with Maple and I think 3 or 4 more sisters. The mom had them there and after 9 weeks they put them up for adoption. When I came to get Maple on my break there were 4 little ones including Maple and after work when I picked her up she only had one sister left. Hopefully they all found good loving homes as Maple did. We have also kept the Shelter updated with photos of her so they can see her progress. They get attached to these animals so they enjoy the photos.

** I am also happy to have her so that on nights like these I'm not alone!! : / (Kyle is shooting a wedding)

Fourth of July!

As I look back at the previous post I can not believe how fast time flies. June 26th marked the day that Kyle and I got married and we can not be happier! We went on our honeymoon and came back a week later to celebrate our first holiday as a married couple!!! :)

Sunday we went to church and celebrated our Freedom and then we came home to eat lunch with my family. After everyone left we chilled put for a little while before heading to Kyle's families house. We grilled out, played some Corn hole, came in to look at honeymoon pics, then we went back out to have some sparkler fun!! We had a great night with the family and we look forward to many more celebrations!

Monday Kyle and I were both off work so we took advantage of our time and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned!! Our first week home has been wonderful! I have came home and cooked every night and we have been putting the apartment together little by little. I see the finished product coming soon!! We are so happy to be finally married! Our long wait paid off!!!