Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday = Wedding Planning!

Saturday my mom, sister, cousin, and friend Amanda went downtown to look at flowers with the lady that will be doing my flowers for the wedding. We went to Smith and Rogers then to Import Flowers, which is a wholesaler and decided we liked them best! They had such a WIDE variety of things to choose from and in the summer months the choices will be endless. I had pictures of exactly how I would like the flowers to look and I am super excited! After we chose out the flowers and went over some details of the wedding day Amanda and I headed to Bella Bridesmaid to look at dresses. I wanted more girls to come, but everyone either had to work or had other plans, but it ended up being okay because that meant less Bella Bridesmaids was a boutique just for bridesmaid dresses and it was adorable... we picked out tons of dresses to try on and the very first one we both saw and liked was the one I believe we will go with. The dress go perfectly with the theme, color scheme, it is very breezy, and most defiantly something they can wear again.
When we left there we ate lunch at Bread and Company and we both had a chicken salad sandwich on cranberry bread... so good! Then we went down a neat strip of stores, although we didn't buy anything it was still nice to look! When we got home mom had planned for us to stay and hang out by the fire pit.... so we did and it was such a nice evening! I am loving this weather! We had a wonderful day... so much was accomplished and checked of the LONG list of things to do! :)