Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting closer

Today has been busy getting things together as much as we could since the big day is fast approaching. When we found out at our last doctors appointment that I am already 2-3 cm dilated, her head is down, and she is really low we thought it necessary to go ahead and start packing for the hospital. Most things we will not be able to pack until the day of, but it feels good to have Charlotte completely packed and a list made for quick thinking.

Here is a picture of some of the things we packed. Her going home outfit, some gowns to wear in the hospital, blankets, socks, hats, mittens, a towel, washcloth, and baby soap to give her a bath. So excited to meet her! 

Charlotte Jane's Nursery!

When we found out we were having a girl, I was able to start planning how we wanted to decorate for the nursery. I have always known that I wanted the nursery to be sweet, classic, and something she could keep for a long time. Since we had no real theme except to keep the room vintage inspired I found it more difficult to get everything together, especially the bedding. I started collecting pieces even before we were expecting and continued after, making sure everything went together. After many days and nights working in her room, painting, cleaning, organizing, moving things around, and decorating it has finally come together exactly how I imagined. Sad that all my pictures were recently deleted or I would show all the hard work leading up to the finished product. We have one more piece to add to her room that I am super excited about, then we will officially be finished with decorating.  :) 

This mirror was Kyle's grandmother and thankfully we were able to have it. Love how it looks, but most of all that we have something to remember both of his grandparents by. The changing table I found at a local sale for $100 bucks and we love it! 

Friday, January 25, 2013


As I look back on my pregnancy I can not believe how far we have come; all the things we have done, events that have happened, changes in our family both big and little. Thankfully we have been blessed with a perfect pregnancy thus far, every symptom has been typical to pregnancy. Now that I'm on my last month, my blood pressure has gotten a little high so I have to rest more then I normally would. At first I wanted to be stubborn about it, but then I realized its not for me it is for Charlotte, making it more easy to sit those 2 hours the doctor told me. Here is a glance through all 9 months.... 

Will NEVER forget this trip to New York! Little Charlotte was with us, God was forming her the whole time. Week 3, June 2012!
Our 2 year Anniversary! Week 5, June!
Took the girls to Cheekwood. Week 6, June 2012. 
Florida this year was much different then usual, very sleepy and moody. :) Week 8, July 2012.

After our very 1st doctors appointment! 9 weeks! 

Our little bean! 9 weeks! July 2012.
Told all the girls my news at the Melting Pot! Week 9, July 2012!
In Gatlinburg with all the cousins! Week 10, July 2012. Was not feeling great on this trip. 

Our second doctors appointment! We got to hear the heartbeat, such a sweet sound! :) 13 weeks, August 2012!
Week 13, August 2012!
Fun night at the fair with Michael, Adrian and the boys! Week 13, August 2012.

Kyle took me out for my birthday! I remember feeling very sleepy, but really wanting that FONDUE!  Week 14!
Traveled to Dyersburg for a wedding and found this cool cotton field! Week 16, September 2012.
18 weeks, September.
Farm to Table Event! Week 18, September 2012.
Parthenon on a Sunday afternoon! Week 18, September 2012.

Doctors visit, finding out if we have a little strawberry or blueberry! Week 20, October 2012. 
Our sweet girl! 20 weeks!

We are having a little girl!!! Little Charlotte Jane we are so excited to meet you! Week 20.

Week 21, October 2012
After a fun night out to the Cheesecake Factory we went to pick out paint for Charlotte's room! Week 24, November 2012.
Halloween! Week 24, October 2012. 
Christopher Place. Week 27, November 2012. 
Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg with the family. Week 27, November 2012.
Picking out our Christmas Tree! :) Week 27, November.
Shadracks to see the Christmas Lights! Week 28, November 2012.  Getting big! 

Opryland with Kyle. Week 30, December 2012.
Opryland for moms birthday! Week 31, December 2012. 
Christmas Eve with the family! Week 31, December 2012.
Maternity Pictures. Week 31, December 2012.
Christmas Day! Week 31... a day away from 32, December 2012. 

At our shower! Week 35, January 2012

"And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns."  Philippians 1:6

This last month I pray that God who placed this little life inside of me will complete His work and call her out when he is ready. Looking forward to that wonderful day.... :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Shower Bliss

The past two weekends have been full of baby showers, one given by my mom, family, and friends, the other given by my sister and mother in law and some church friends. Both showers were so much fun! We were blessed by everyone, whether it was through material things or sweet words written in cards and books. :) Bringing everything home and sorting through all the tiny clothes and baby items has been a joy, although I still have a hard time believing that this is all about to be real. I try to imagine how Charlotte Jane's birthday is going to play out and I can't seem to get an idea..... the whole day is a mystery to us. It is very fun and exciting waking up day to day not knowing if it will be the day, but on the other hand it is also a little overwhelming. Getting things together and packed up is a must on my to-do list! :)

Many of Charlotte Jane's BLESSINGS! :) 


Week 34! Love these ladies! :) 


Shower #2! Beautiful cake! 
Tea Time!

35 weeks!! 

All the yummy food!