Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Smyrna Beach

After a LOOOONG night on the open road we finally made it to our destination around 9:30 Saturday morning. We were greeted by Papa, Gigi, and a hot pot of coffee... hallelujah!

We hung around the house and checked out papa and gigis new place, us girls went to the pool, and after daddy woke up we headed to the beach. :)

Gigi had already been here for a week but it was her first time seeing to the beach too!

Charlotte LOVED it!

Looking for shells.

We loved being able to find shells on the beach. 
That night we had dinner and went to Publix to pick up a few things. We crashed after we got settled in for the night.

Sunday we got up and headed to the beach, Charlotte loved it! After a few hours some rain clouds moved in and we headed out just in time for the storm. After driving through the historic district we went home to rest and clean up. Later that evening we ate at Dolphin View Grill, saw a dolphin, then rented a movie to watch back at the house.

Monday we went out for breakfast at a local favorite then did some shopping on Flagler street. That afternoon we went to the pool and then grilled out for dinner. :) 

Beautiful sunset!
Late night fishing with the guys!

Tuesday after breakfast we headed to the beach for a fun day playing in the waves!   


That evening we went to eat at The Garlic... such a cool place, then did our family pics!

Wednesday we took Kyle to the airport and then visited IKEA... fun day! Thursday Papa left so it was just us girls. We had a relaxing day at the pool and late that afternoon we drove around looking for antique shops. Friday we went to the Flea Market after breakfast then went shopping at Marshals/Homegoods and Kirklands... we had a very successful day! It was fun coming home to help decorate with all the fun things we found!

Saturday we visited the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse... it was a HOT day but we had fun!

Beautiful! When we go back I would like to climb the many stairs to see out the top!
Loved seeing what household items they used... many of these things I have in my house. I love decorating with vintage items I find. 

After driving back we were in need of a good burger...

We ended the day with a stroll on the beach to look for shells one last time.

We had a blast exploring a new city... looking forward to going back! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3rd and 4th of July

Thursday, the third of July we relaxed at home and packed for our vacation. That evening we met up with a TON of our family at Saxs deli and then headed to Drakes Creek. Its funny how every year we pick the same spot... it was open and ready for us to fill the space. :) We set up camp and walked around, checking out the different vendors that were there. Not long after we settled in our chairs the firework show was ready to begin... after singing the national anthem of course. ;) I LOVE this tradition we have as a family. It is so fun to see family and run into people we know in the community. 


Aunt D LOVES Charlotte!

Some of the girls.

Family pic

Her hair is getting so curly!

She loved dancing to the music.... as you can tell from her sweater. it was quite chilly that evening. I was glad I packed us both a jacket.

She loved watching the fireworks. 

Some of our crew

Madeline and Ro... how can she be old enough to have a boyfriend?!

On the fourth we hung around the house, packed some more and ate breakfast. We had plans to leave that evening and we were so excited! Mid morning we went to Cages Bend pool to meet up with my family to swim. We only were able to stay for a little bit, Kyle and Charlotte both needed to take a nap. That evening we headed to Mom and Dads to grill and play games... we had a BLAST, my favorite was racket ball. :) Made me want to sign up to play co-ed volleyball at the local community center. ;) When the sun went down we got out the fireworks and started shooting away. Charlottes favorite were the smoke bomb and sparklers. After we gave Char a bath we loaded up and got on the road, while driving thru Nashville we were able to see the huge firework display. Come to find out Nashvilles firework show is the second largest in the country.... go Nashville!

Fun at the pool!

My crazy girl that does not like to pose for pictures any more.

My Uncle brought over some toys and Kyle was in Heaven...

My mama and I... typical us. :) 

It was even cool enough for a fire.

Playing in the powdered sugar stars.