Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Amish Market

We had such a fun day eating lunch and shopping for essential oils with Nina and Aunt Mattie while visiting the Amish community. 

We stopped for a little photo opp. along the way. :) 

I ADORE this girl. 

Little booty! 

On the way home Charlotte passed out while reading one of her favorite books. :) 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday evening in the park.

One night in June we got a break from the heat and headed to the park for a nice walk. We found a, new to us, walking trail. It was such a nice and refreshing evening with just the 3 of us. 

Daddy with his walking stick.

The creek...

Checking out the ducks.

We made ourselves at home and got cozy under the trees. 

Kissy kissy!


Fathers Day

Charlotte Jane you have one special FATHER! He loves you so much and takes such good care of his girls. You adore him and always smile when he is around. I think you take after him and enjoy listening to music... he loves it! 

Church on Fathers Day. :) 
Looking at the ducks. 
After service we walked around to check out all the cars... your daddy loved it.

So cute! 

Such a special day... :)

5 months

Well, Charlotte Jane another month has pasted us by and once again you are growing and surprising Mommy and Daddy everyday. You are so full of life and you love adventure. So proud of the sweet baby you are!
You are still eating every 2 hours and are only on breast milk, we are thinking about introducing you to avocado soon! You are not a huge napper, you take short cat naps all throughout the day. At night you sleep for 3-4 hour periods waking a few times to eat. You are really busy and enjoy playing with all of your toys. During tummy time you can scoot yourself backwards, I'm thinking you will crawl soon. :) You babble all the time making me think you will be a big talker... oh boy!!

Its been a busy month... check out all the photos!

Twirling with Daddy

Trying out the swing at Gigi's for the first time.... still a little small but you will fit soon!

Love your sweet face when you sleep! 

At the Hendersonville Produce summer party...we went to Cheekwood to see the light show. 

Farmers Market lovin'

Toes in the grass with Nina

Driving with daddy in Springfield.

Playing with your cousin Cade. 

Playing UNO... you never want to miss out on anything! 

A new toy Aunt Adrian got you! 

Sitting with Nina on Grannys front porch

Daddys girl

Trying out your highchair for the first time

Meeting your Uncle Michael

July 4th

We had a fun time celbrating the 4th of July this year with our little girl. We were not sure how she would do with the loudness of the fireworks, but that didnt stop us from sitting up close. A lot of our family was able to come out to eat and to the park to enjoy the show. :) Charlotte LOVED the fireworks, she was in awe the whole time. Glad she enjoyed it as much as we all did.

On the 4th, we enjoyed breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then went back home to relax, it was a really rainy day. That evening we headed to Papa and Gigi's to grill with the family and to play games. We had a blast watching everyone play the Wii. :) 


Nina reading you one of your favorite books.

In amazement over the fireworks.

Grilling at Gigis and Papas

Cousin love

One proud mama and daddy! 

Playing the Wii

Go grandaddy!
Thankful for all the men and women who put their life in danger so that we may have freedom.