Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Little Fish

When Kyle and I took her swimming for the first time this summer we knew we had to sign her up for lessons, she LOVES the water and is fearless. Today she had her very first class and she had a blast.

Our little group. We started the class by singing 'the wheels on the bus'.

Then we went up and down and let them blow bubbles in the water.

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Jumping in the water.

Trying to get Charlotte to lay on her back and relax.

Throw the duck and swim for it. 

It was a cute and fun way to introduce some swimming techniques for little ones... looking forward to seeing her progress by the end of the two weeks.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fathers Day

Charlotte and I had a blast celebrating her daddy, he is the best dad to our girl! Early on Sunday morning Kyle had to go to church super early to do a run through, then did the cameras for both services. Since I would not be up to make breakfast I picked up his favorite Juice Nashville drink on Saturday for him to grab on the way out.

Our church out did themselves on dadfest this year, there were cars, boats, a bull ride, blowups, barbecue, and more. After looking around at everything we headed to my parents to grill out, we had steak, potatoes, and Kyles favorite salad mix from a local farm. For dessert we had a triple chocolate cheesecake that I made the day before... it was delicious and right up Kyles alley. A nap was a must after eating all of that food, well at least it was for Kyle and Charlotte. ;) By the time Charlotte woke up it was to late to go to the pool so we took a walk on the greenway and had a nice time. We found a playground and let Charlotte play in the creek.

We ended the night with a movie and didn't make it home until really late. When we came home our air was not working... AT ALL. Kyle set up the fan and opened the windows to let the cool breeze in, surprisingly we stayed cool all night. Instead of getting worked up and worried, Kyle emailed a few companies before going to bed and then told me it would be okay. That pretty much sums up how Kyle is... he is amazing. He doesn't jump to the worst conclusion like I was and he takes every situation with such grace. I am very blessed he is my husband and daddy to our girl. We are so lucky! :)

By the way... Kyle was right, it was okay and ended up being an easy fix. We were praising the Lord, so much so the guy that fixed it may of heard us worshiping as he was walking to his car. ;)

Splashes of Summer

Our summer has been filled with a lot of fun activities with family and friends. Charlotte is getting to the age where she can get out and do things, she LOVES being outside, in water, playing with rocks, and just being wild and free.

This was our kick off to summer.... water day at Aunt Adrians house. 

Helping with the slip-n-slide.

My brother graduated college!! We are so happy for you! 

Fun family day. We went to 12 corners to look at the gardens.

Evening trips to the lake are fun!

Our yearly trip to Bradley Kountry Acres to pick berries.

She loves strawberries!

Mornings with sidewalk chalk... in her pjs and all. 
Walks to the playground

Getting so BIG

Picnic at the lake for Madelines last day of school!

Strawberry picking #2 with cousins and friends.

Water day at our house. 

On of our favorite things to do on Saturdays. Farmers Market and fountain  fun. 

Music at the library

Outside fun at Nina and Poppys

Sevier Park one evening. 

Pool day with daddy!

Birthday celebrations

Farm visits with Nina and Poppy. Downing is where we get all our sausage and some other meats. They have 900 acres and it is beautiful! 

My little farm girl. She said MOOO all day. 
Monday nights at Grannys

Touch a truck at Moss Wright. She loved being able to get up in the big trucks like a big girl. 

Trip to MawMaw and PawPaws for a visit. Charlotte got to see horses and goats. 

PawPaws goat barns. The goats were all inside because it had rained that morning.

The long walk back up that required a walking stick. 
Another fun pool day
Saturday at the Farmers Market. 
I feel very blessed that I get to wake up each morning and go on adventures with my sweet girl, whether we are at home all day or out making our rounds. :) Summer is off to a great start and we are looking forward to the days ahead... especially the ones with the beach involved!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we headed to the zoo for a fun day visiting the animals and dinosaurs. I have to say my favorite part was seeing the dinosaurs even if Charlotte was not a fan. She did not like how they growled and wouldn't pose for a picture. 

Aunt Mattie giving Char a back ride.

Love this! 

We really enjoyed looking at the farm.... never had ventured to that part of the zoo before.

Checking it out.

Lindsey being a meerkat 

Watching the fish swim by.

LOVE that little face!

She was wiped out!
After we left the zoo we headed to my in laws for dinner and some outside fun. 

Taking a stroll

Cole reading his Memorial day poster to grandaddy.

Using the cornhole as a slide

We had a LONG and fun day.... just how summer is supposed to be! :)