Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day!

Well, our first snow day has arrived! It didn't bring us very much to play in but we made do with what we had! My sister came over to spend the day with us since she was out of school, it was a nice surprise to me and the girls! Due to my concern of the girls getting cold they were barley able to move... Reese and Aleah both had on 2 pair of pants, 2 pair of socks, a long sleeve shirt and 2 jackets on, a scarf, a hat, and gloves! Reese was able to play for a little bit, but I took her inside when her cheeks started getting rosy. Aleah and Madeline on the other hand stayed outside for a while playing. When they came back in I had their lunch ready and on the table, they had built up quite an appetite! We had a super fun snow day.... crossing our fingers for many more! :)
Before I left the house this morning I had to get Maple's picture of her first snow while being in our home! :)

Madeline spinning Aleah around.

Bless her heart! She wanted to go play so bad!

Love these sweet girls!

Mexican Fiesta!

Last weekend we had some of my girlfriends and their boyfriends/husbands over to have Mexican and play  games. It was nice to be able to spend time together as a group like the old days, days before busy schedules, husbands, or a home to keep. Thankful that I am able to keep in touch with these girls even if there are long periods in between each visit. :)

We also went bowling... a last minute decision!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Opryland is always something I look forward to doing during the Holidays, this year our trip was delayed to after the new year. Thankfully we were still able to see most of the decorations and the crowds were moved out!

Cade man ready for the walk around Oprlyland to begin!

Sooo Beautiful!

My favorite!

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The Women!

Love this picture!

My handsome man!

All the Men!

Our Family Picture!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Blessings

Last year I made it a goal to reflect upon each month and document our blessings. The things I listed are little, some are fun, and others are very obvious blessings.... no matter how big or small I consider them all blessings.

  1. January:
  • We were able to travel to Las Vegas and Los Angeles to see family, very thankful for our safe travels.
  • My time spent with my grandfather in the hospital, every memory made I will forever cherish.
  • Fun days in the snow!
  • After months of searching and praying for the perfect home, we finally found it!! :)
  • California family was able to make it to Tennessee to see my grandfather, what a sweet blessing!
2. February:
  • We purchased our very first home on Valentines Day! This is indeed a HUGE BLESSING!!!!
  • Moved in February 26th and had plenty of people to come and help. We were also blessed with a beautiful day!
3. March:
  • On March 14th I started my Nanny job, this was completely orchestrated by God... only He could work something like this out. After having almost every job you can think of and having 4 years of college under my belt this is what I truly enjoy doing. I love being able to help make these precious children who they are!
  • Housewarming Party- Another beautiful day! My grandfather was able to come and see our home, this was his only time being able to come.... so thankful!
  • Adrian's Baby Shower- God blessed them with everything they needed to welcome little Cade home!
4. April:
  • Maple's 1st Birthday Party! We are so thankful for her.... she has shown us how God loves us-with unconditional love. There are times I get so angry with her and then the very next second she is in my lap.... unconditional LOVE. ( I know she is only a dog, but hey if that's what it took to show us then let it be.)
  • Little Cade graced us with his presence- Praise the Lord for a safe and quick delivery!
5. May:
  • My grandfather went on to be with the Lord. Although my grandfather was a good man he was not a Christian all his life. In 2006 he gave his heart to the Lord and from that point on that "good man" became an even better man. Little did he know that just 5 short years later he would meet his Savior, the one that kept him for the 5 months he was fighting cancer. Da you are so loved and thought about all the time and I am not just saying that I really mean it. :)
6. June:
  • Kyle and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary while vacationing in Florida!!! I am so blessed to have a wonderful man of God as a husband. He is not only my husband but my best friend, I know that sounds so cliche, but he really is! We have so much fun together and totally "get" one another.
  • My cousin Dylan went with us to Florida, after been through so much and trying to find a way to cover up all his pain he came clean to my brother, Kyle, and I about everything. Today he is doing great things and has changed his life around! We LOVE you Dylan Ray Gammon and are so proud of you! :)
7. July:
  • All of my cousins, Kyle, and myself were able to take a trip to Bowling Green with my grandparents. We had so much fun and lots of good quality bonding time!
8. August:
  • Girls game night at my Granny's- this was a fun and rejuvenating night for my Granny! Lots of laughs and sharing memories about the good ol' days!
  • I turned 24! God has seriously kept a shield of protection around me, when I look back on my life I see His hands all over it. There were so many situations I could have gotten myself into that He protected me from and only He could do that. I am so thankful for this life I live.... never want to take a single breath for granted!
9. September:
  • A weekend trip to Chattanooga and to the lake with my family. I am so thankful to be able to take fun short vacations!
  • Kyle's birthday!!! Obviously he is a blessing to me! God had His hand all up in our business, other wise I do not think we would have ever had that first coffee date.... it just would not of happened. I am also thankful for his parents who raised such a fine young man, I know it wasn't always easy... especially during those teen years. Thank God for praying mommas! 
10. October:
  • Kyle's photography business led us to one of our favorite places.... Christopher Place! We are so thankful for getting the chance to work with all the staff at Christopher Place..... such sweet people. Also we have had a few opportunities to witness, we aren't finished yet, but the door has been opened!
  • We were able to install hardwood floors. Kyle and I planted seed and prayed over these floors.... extra money came in this month and we were able to get what we wanted! 
11. November:
  • Thanksgiving- I am so thankful we have family who we can celebrate special holidays with. Also I am grateful that we do not have to pick and choose who to spend time with, we WANT and do spend it with all our family. 
  • Gatlinburg- A family tradition for many years on Kyle's side. We always have so much fun... thankful we get to do something so special!
12. December:
  • Kyle was able to work with David Pepper and the reindeer again this year, as many people know the winter months are slow for photographers and this job helps with Christmas.
  • Fellowship with new friends.... a answered prayer! :) 
  • Christmas- With Christmas comes lots of spending on things we usually do not buy... God works it out every year, we do not have to worry one bit! I am also thankful that we are able to freely celebrate Christs birth! 

God you are so good to us, better then I think we deserve. Once again I have to remember how you love us unconditionally,  even though it is hard to understand. As I look back over our year I see your hand of protection on Kyle and I, may you never leave us. As we go through yet another journey in this new year I pray you use us and guide us in the right direction. Help us to see and do the things you would want us to do. Thank you for always being the head of our house, we love you!

Happy New Year... make it a good one! :)

New Years Eve!

New Years Eve Day was so beautiful! We woke up to the sun shining and a free day to do anything our hearts desired! I made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which is very rare in this house, but every so often is okay. We took our time getting dressed then decided to go on a bike ride, something we hardly get to do since the Fall. Kyle took me on quite an adventure everything from, going down big hills to trying to get me to cross Nashville Pike! When we made it home I was so sore.... taking a rest was on the agenda next!

Later that evening Kyle and I got all dressed up to go out to dinner at Carrabbas. They sat us in our own little nook in the corner, a romantic evening indeed! After dinner we headed to my friend Kelly's house to ring in the new year! We had a awesome night hanging out with everyone, dancing, and watching the guitar drop!

At Carrabbas!

The whole gang!

CHCA girls... although we are missing 2.

I honestly can not believe last year is a thing of the past and a new year is already underway.

Intentional Dating

For all you married folks out there I am sure this is no new term for you!

Kyle and I dated for four and a half years prior to getting married so we were pretty good at dating, then we got married and life happened. Yes we live together and see each other every single day and night but there is something fun about actually making it a point to go out on a date.... a PLANNED date! Most nights we do whatever we want, clean, cook, work on photos, watch our shows, etc, etc. Lately we have tried to make it a point to really focus on our marriage. It is so important to stand guard against anything that could come against us.

The week of Christmas I had half of the week off and half the week after Christmas I had off work so Kyle and I were able to do a lot of fun things together. After baking a pizza one night Kyle and I had planned to go to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Before the movie we went to Barnes and Noble to look at some magazines and grab a Starbucks, while we were there we ran into my family and some other friends. We had such a fun night going out on our little date! :)

So all you married peeps out there get intentional about dating your spouse... its super fun! Cheers to a new year and a strong marriage! :)

Kyle suggested we get a peice of cheesecake too... I could'nt resist such a good offer!

Another fun thing we did while on break!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Day

 Christmas morning we woke up to my sister and brother coming into the room with a music box playing, not to mention it was 6:00 A.M.! We crawled out of the bed and took a quick glance in the mirror, went into the family room to see what all "Santa" brought us, then we opened up presents from one another. After looking at everything, we ate a small breakfast, sausage balls, drank some coffee which was MUCH needed, then we started getting ready for church. Our service was filled with people ready to praise the Lord!

When church let out we headed to my grandparents and helped prepare brunch for everyone. Around 11:00 everyone started showing up then it was time to eat....we had the best brunch ever! My cousin Dylan wrote two poems that he wanted to read, one was more on the serious side and the other one was funny, he told stories from childhood. After that it was present time... we go in groups, the young ladies, young men, the women, the men, then my grandparents. Its always fun seeing what everyone got! Next stop was my parents to open gifts with my Granny, we were not able to join my side of the family for Christmas Eve this year so we wanted to be sure to spend time with her.

Dylan reading his poems with enthusiasm!

Explaining how to start the family tree.

This was such a fun activity to do. Each person had to put their thumb print and sign their name. As time goes on we will add to the tree.

For Dustan, Uncle Kenny, Aunt April, and Dylan put their fingerprints together to make a heart!

After resting for a bit we headed to Kyle's parents to eat a yummy Christmas dinner and open presents! We had such a fun evening watching to boys play and hanging out with each other on such a fun Holiday!

I love this!


Cole lovin' his new clothes!

Kyle's favorite store!

Looks like I will be making some cake pops!

Kyle and I could not have asked for a better Christmas. God is so good to us and always provides more then enough! Although we had an extremely fun filled Christmas, there is a few spots missing around each of our families table. I can not help but ache for the ones I love so dearly, but I do know that they are so happy rejoicing in the Lord! :) Merry Christmas Dustan, Dad G, and Da. Love you all and miss you!