Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3rd and 4th of July

Thursday, the third of July we relaxed at home and packed for our vacation. That evening we met up with a TON of our family at Saxs deli and then headed to Drakes Creek. Its funny how every year we pick the same spot... it was open and ready for us to fill the space. :) We set up camp and walked around, checking out the different vendors that were there. Not long after we settled in our chairs the firework show was ready to begin... after singing the national anthem of course. ;) I LOVE this tradition we have as a family. It is so fun to see family and run into people we know in the community. 


Aunt D LOVES Charlotte!

Some of the girls.

Family pic

Her hair is getting so curly!

She loved dancing to the music.... as you can tell from her sweater. it was quite chilly that evening. I was glad I packed us both a jacket.

She loved watching the fireworks. 

Some of our crew

Madeline and Ro... how can she be old enough to have a boyfriend?!

On the fourth we hung around the house, packed some more and ate breakfast. We had plans to leave that evening and we were so excited! Mid morning we went to Cages Bend pool to meet up with my family to swim. We only were able to stay for a little bit, Kyle and Charlotte both needed to take a nap. That evening we headed to Mom and Dads to grill and play games... we had a BLAST, my favorite was racket ball. :) Made me want to sign up to play co-ed volleyball at the local community center. ;) When the sun went down we got out the fireworks and started shooting away. Charlottes favorite were the smoke bomb and sparklers. After we gave Char a bath we loaded up and got on the road, while driving thru Nashville we were able to see the huge firework display. Come to find out Nashvilles firework show is the second largest in the country.... go Nashville!

Fun at the pool!

My crazy girl that does not like to pose for pictures any more.

My Uncle brought over some toys and Kyle was in Heaven...

My mama and I... typical us. :) 

It was even cool enough for a fire.

Playing in the powdered sugar stars.