Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For Halloween it is a tradition that we always go to my grandparents house... we have been doing it ever since I was born!! It is SO much fun, we always invite anyone and everyone who wants to come! This year I did not dress up... but im sure I will next year! My granny had potato soup, chili, and some one brought spaghetti, then we had chips, dip, lots of sweets like cupcakes, smores, and tons of candy!! We had a blast with all my cousins and the kids in the surrounding neighborhoods.... there were hundreds and hundreds of people, lots of cute costumes! Halloween is such a fun time for the kids, they get to play dress up and eat tons of candy... whats more fun then that?? After we left my Granny's house Kyle, Mom, Dad, and I all went to a haunted house, I didn't want to go bc of my headache, but I sucked it up bc my dad was going to go. Last year Kyle, mom and I went and I was terrified, but this year I wasn't as scared.... I think its cause I was talking to them instead of trying to avoid them. I'm glad I went bc we have some fun memories to look back on and laugh about... ha my dad was loving it and mom kept getting scared and Kyle was just chilling!

This morning really early my mom and I went to vote..... MCCAIN/ PALIN..... im anxious to see the results!