Friday, October 31, 2008

More Pictures

My Brothers State Championship ring!

Jack playing a video game

The Kiddos Playing Red Light Green Light

My granny, and my 2 aunts....

Emilie and Madeline!! :) This is Tammy and my mom!

~All these pictures are form what I talked about in the blog below..... sorry the coloring is off in my pictures, my camera is being retarded!

Birthdays and Family Get Togethers

Last Friday night we celebrated my sisters 11th birthday!! I cant believe it she is growing up so fast!! She had here closest friends from school come and her cousins, we decided to have it at a dance place in hendersonville and it turned out great. When everyone got to the party we had food for then to eat like pizza, chips, candy and some cold drinks. Then we handed the party over to Mady and let her do her thing. They danced and cheered the night away.... whoo it was so loud in there, if you can imagine! To wrap things up we sang happy birthday and let her blow out candles and then she opened her presents! She got tons of cute stuff and 100 dollars from like 5 or 6 of her freinds... lets just say little mady was very excited!! My mom took her shopping this week and she has already bought her first pair of high hills and a black pea coat.... she is sooo totally cute!! The high hills arent that high, but its enough to make her feel like a "lady"!
The next day we had a family get together at one of my cousins house. The "point" of the get together was to see how well one of my other cousins was doing, if you heard about the knoxville shootings at the church there she was one of the people that had been shot. Her injury was very servere, but she has came through it like a champ! You would never know by talking to her that she is recovering from a brain injury! Her eye sight is messed up, she said that she sees two diffrent things out of each eye, so the doctors are working with her on that. There is a lot that she still has to face, but she is a fighter and I know that she will be fine!
I do have some exciting news.... I finally found a job!! I am working at Home Goods in Hedersonville and I love it so far! Its weird having to work again, but this job was MUCH needed! This week has seemed so long but its finally over so whoo hoo!! I have been sick, sick, sick and I have looked like a hobo all week, well at least that what mom said... lol! Oh well, this is the weekend and today is HALLOWEEEN and im excited! :)
I will upload some pictures from tonight some time this weekend or next week!
BE SAFE!! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today has been a very cool and rainy day, in fact it just started raining really hard! Even though the weather isn't that great I have enjoyed being at home. I really needed to catch up on things that needed to be done a long time ago! Later this afternoon my family and I are going to attend Light the Night Walk, it is for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's. I have mixed emotions about this event, because we are doing it in memory of Dustan. Our family will be carrying gold balloons because Dustan is passed away, the other colors are red which stands for if you have beat cancer and white is for the people who are fighting it right now. it will be a great night and I'm looking forward to representing my cousin... I know he will be proud! :) I will upload some pictures later and explain how the night went.

This past Sunday my family decided to go on a camping trip to Cedars of Lebanon and we had so much fun! After church we went and grabbed some lunch and then headed to Lebanon. When we got there we found a spot, which turned out to be one of the best ones there, or at least we thought so, we set up camp, started a fire and by that time everyone was hungry again. My dad grilled some pork chops, we baked some potatoes on the fire and grilled some corn and then we heated up our baked beans... it was YUMMY! The potatoes were my favorite.. they were so soft! That evening we just sat around and talked while the guys went exploring in a cave.. lol you should have seen them when they got back!
The next day we woke up and ate breakfast, we had bacon, eggs, tater tots and toast! Then everyone, except for my dad, got dressed and headed to the cave. The cave was unlike any cave I have ever been in, it wasnt a guided tour or anything you just went in on your own. The whole cave was mud and the ceiling was a mixture of rock and mud... it was great , I loved it! It was definitely a work out though, we had to basically crawl the whole time, there were a few parts where you could stand, so that was nice. When we finally got out we were a mess, so we went and took some quick showers! After that we played some board games, ate lunch and then we packed up and headed home! Although the camping trip was nice and relaxing we were all exhausted when we got back! :( We had so much fun and I hope to go back soon!