Monday, August 22, 2016


Charlotte and I have dove into Preschool world and there is no turning back because she loves it! We are both learning together, like figuring out what is best for her and how I want to go about teaching her.
We start with stretches, she is in tumble cubs on Tuesdays and this part is always difficult for her so we incorporate it in the beginning of our time, it's a great way to get our minds ready for learning. Then we move on to circle time, while we sing months of the year and days of the week she jumps on our small trampoline. Helps get out all those wiggles. We then go into ABC's with flash cards, introduce our memory verse, and sing one last song. That completes our "circle" time. 

I decided to highlight a letter and shape for the week and do activities on our chalkboard... hoping to introduce worksheets soon, but for now we are keeping it super simple. After that, we read a book and talk about the story in detail and make a craft to go along. 
Our day is really short, in all about 30 minutes to an hour and that is plenty of time. Learning never really stops right?! 

Our little nook!

Shapes and Colors 

We talked about patterns this week! 

Craft after our reading time. 

So far, I am really impressed with how much she has soaked in within just 1 short week. One thing I learned is that her attention span is not long, but we are working through that. She has never been in a controlled environment except for church so I'm learning to give her grace. I'm looking forward to being on this journey with her! 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Opening Olympics

Yesterday, in preparation for the Olympics I planned a craft for Charlotte to work on. I cut rings out of paper plates and had her paint them for me. It was the perfect activity for her and was a good introduction on the Olympics and what the rings symbolize.

Early that afternoon I asked if my sis in law and her family wanted to join us for the evening. They were able to come and brought along some cookies and torches for the kids! 

Cole making his own personalized pizza. 

These cousins are just too cute! 

Cade and Charlotte had such a fun time playing and dancing all night long....
We are all looking forward to enjoying all the Summer Olympics, but I am mostly excited about the gymnastics. I think Charlotte will love it too and it will be good for her to see before she starts Tumble Cubs on Tuesday!

Friday, August 5, 2016


On Friday morning, July 22nd my sweet Granny went home to be with the Lord. All summer we knew this day was getting closer, but it doesn't ease that emptiness you feel when it actually happens. That morning, the kids were on a weird schedule and I was not able to leave. Every time I would pack up, something would happen and we would have to adjust accordingly. My mom called me and immediately I knew... she was crying and said, mama went to be with Jesus. I hated that I wasn't there. I called Kyle and he said he was right down the street, he had a break in his schedule (never happens!) and he would come so I could leave. I won't go into all the details of the day, but we all gathered and just spent the day talking, resting, and eating... (so thankful for my mom's friends who brought us meals!).

One of my favorite pictures of my Granny. She was working on the flower arrangements for one of my wedding showers. She had a part of every aspect of my life.... so many memories I will forever cherish.

As my Mom and Uncle were making arrangements we found out that the veterans cemetery was a week out and we would not get to have services until then. That turned into a disguised blessing because it gave some of our California family time to pack up and head our way! 
Thursday the 28th, our California family arrived and came to my house for a big Italian meal... we had so much fun visiting with everyone. 

The next few days the kids and I spent as much time with everyone as we could! My cousin, Christy, has a little girl and a baby boy... Charlotte had a blast spending so much time with all her cousins! 
Sawyer and Grandma Lucy bonding. 

The trampoline was a big hit!

Sawyer loved having a baby around.

Charlotte Jane is a little mama at heart.

Monday morning we all went to the Loveless for a delicious Southern breakfast. 

We wish you all lived closer so this could be a weekly thing!

Can you believe this lady is 92? It was pretty special that she traveled all this way. 

The services that my Mom and Uncle Tony put together were beautiful and I think it was just what my Granny would have liked. My Dad officiated the service and he did an AMAZING job!
It's always hard laying to rest your loved ones, but I find comfort in knowing she isn't in pain any longer and she is reunited with her love. 

One thing we are working on is going through all her pictures. I have already started my collection of pictures from back in the day... love seeing everyone in a different era, it's a breath of fresh air! I really do believe I was born in the wrong time.... life just seemed so different back then. I am inspired to create a childhood for my children that is not of today's world. Did that even make sense?!? It does to me... ;)

We will ALL miss you Granny. The kids still look in my old room for you and Charlotte, just this morning asked about you while we were playing with the walking stick we got from your house. :)