Monday, August 22, 2016


Charlotte and I have dove into Preschool world and there is no turning back because she loves it! We are both learning together, like figuring out what is best for her and how I want to go about teaching her.
We start with stretches, she is in tumble cubs on Tuesdays and this part is always difficult for her so we incorporate it in the beginning of our time, it's a great way to get our minds ready for learning. Then we move on to circle time, while we sing months of the year and days of the week she jumps on our small trampoline. Helps get out all those wiggles. We then go into ABC's with flash cards, introduce our memory verse, and sing one last song. That completes our "circle" time. 

I decided to highlight a letter and shape for the week and do activities on our chalkboard... hoping to introduce worksheets soon, but for now we are keeping it super simple. After that, we read a book and talk about the story in detail and make a craft to go along. 
Our day is really short, in all about 30 minutes to an hour and that is plenty of time. Learning never really stops right?! 

Our little nook!

Shapes and Colors 

We talked about patterns this week! 

Craft after our reading time. 

So far, I am really impressed with how much she has soaked in within just 1 short week. One thing I learned is that her attention span is not long, but we are working through that. She has never been in a controlled environment except for church so I'm learning to give her grace. I'm looking forward to being on this journey with her!