Friday, September 9, 2016


My sister is leaving for Samford this Thursday so we all got together to make this last weekend a FUN one! We started the weekend getting pedicures... Charlotte was excited to have her own chair, then got nervous, then got excited again. Women. ;) That evening after dinner at the Chop House, we went to Strike and Spare. I haven't been in a really long time and man has it changed. The kids had a blast though and thats all that matters right?! Us adults had fun too, playing Laser Tag.... my brother killed us all. Sawyer makes friends everywhere we go and is an all around fun guy, but I have NEVER seen him act like such a party animal as I did at Strike and Spare. He danced, ran around, head banged, made friends, ate a tootsie pop, and rode rides. Little guy was pooped by the end of the night!
We all spent the night at my parents house and woke up on Sunday morning and made a big breakfast before heading to No. 38 Vintage Marketplace. After doing a little shopping we went to Bledsoe to walk some trails. It is so nice there, we really should take advantage of it more often! Later that night we spontaneously decided to go the fair since it was the ONLY time we all could go! We had the best time and the kids loved every minute! 

First real pedicure for Charlotte Jane!

Anything with a steering wheel is perfect for Sawyer. 

It's not so easy to get in those group shots. 

My two men!

Turkey anyone?

We loved this idea! It kept Sawyer pinned in for a while! 

Charlotte about lost her marbles... she loves chickens and eggs. We also got to see baby chicks hatching from their shells, so cool!

So proud of this girl for riding rides all by herself! 

Are these kids mine?!?! Getting so big!! 

Love this family of mine!