Thursday, February 3, 2011

Loving On My Hubby

I have always enjoyed Valentines Day young or old, when I was younger my mom would make the holiday so special and get us little gifts here and there. This year I wanted to do something super special for my handsome husband! In the past I would give family members and Kyle coupons that show how much I care about them. Last year I wanted to do something similar to this, but we were not living together so it made it a little difficult. When Kyle got home last night I wanted to surprise him, so I set out a jar with all the "coupons" I made rolled up inside. He was able to choose 2
last night since we were a day behind, due to my lack of time to get it written out. His expression was so cute, he said, "aww I feel bad because I don't have anything for you." I assured him that he still has until the 14th to get something together. :)
Kyle has been the best husband. He has provided for our family and is an extremely hard worker. I consider myself very blessed to have someone that is so humble and would do anything for Maple and I! :) He deserves so much and I try my best DAILY to show him how much I care. Love you so much baby!


Connie said...

Your unconditional love for each other shines through in all that you do together.